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Paid Options
The app is totally free to download. This app is non profitable app as it doesn’t charge any extra money from its users. All the features can be used for free on this app. The app can be downloaded from google play store or apple store. The app will collect data of microphone, camera and photos by asking permission. 

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The blackboard app is designed for students to view, learn and participate in their blackboard courses. With blackboard app, students can view course content and updates. The app is basically made to learn digitally while being at home. Online learning has been made very easy by this app. Students can give assignments and tests on this app. Results are shared with them to let them know about their progress. 

This app basically collaborates with the server of your institution or university. You can learn courses from the content uploaded by your instructor. New features are continuously added to make the learning process easier and comfortable. 

App Features and Capabilities
· Check course content: This app is very easy to use. It is a great way to check the updates on existing course content. This feature keeps you updated about all the important announcements by your instructor.  

· Discussions: The blackboard app allows you to create, read and respond to the threads in the discussion board. This makes learning process interactive where you can discuss with your friends and teachers about all the things present in the course. 

· Assignments: This amazing feature enables students to view, submit and complete their assignments right on the app. Paperless assignments are much more feasible and interesting to make as compared to paper assignments.  

· Tests: After learning your course and taking assignments it’s time for you to take tests. This feature allows students to take tests simply on the app.   

· Grades: The app allows you to view your grades and test results on the app. You can easily check your performance on the app. Further, complete feedback of your instructor can also be checked but for that you have to open browser.  

· Base Navigation: This feature in the app allows you to access your courses, grades and due dates. Any link on the base navigation shows you a global view across all of your courses. For example, grades and due dates are rolled up for all courses, without having to navigate to each one. 


  • The blackboard app is simple and easy to use. Instructors and students can easily interact with each other. 
  • Data sharing processes is smooth and reliable. Teachers can share assignments and learning material with the students. 
  •  Students can open their assignments and work on them right from their iPhone or iPad. 
  • Students can give tests on the courses they have learnt on the app.
  • Students can easily views their results and grades of the tests. 
  • This app is very helpful in the time of pandemic as universities are closed. Students and teacher can continue the process of learning right from their homes by using this app.  


  • The assignments usually takes a lot time to turn in. This time consuming feature frustrate students.
  • The notifications are difficult to handle. Tests and assignments options are buggy which makes difficult to attend. 
  • Sometimes users faces freezes and blackout issue while using app on phone. You have to restart your phone to get rid of the issue.
  • It is not easy to read for a long time on screen as it gives strain issue to eyes. 
  • The app doesn’t recognize passwords while logging in the app sometimes. 

Other Information to Know
The seller of this app is Blackboard Inc. The ranking of this app is no.73 in education category. This app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Apple store while 3.7 stars on google play store. The app supports iOS 11.0 and up versions. The app has been downloaded more than 5 million times. The content rating of the app is that it is for everyone. The size of the app is 103.8 MB. The app is available in multiple languages. The app was last updated on 22 Feb, 2021. The app is available free on app and play store.   

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App Usage:
The app is great in usage. It helps you manage assignments and keep up the school work. No need to use computer to view due dates, assignments and work as all this can be accessed through the app. It sends you notification when your assignments are due which a unique feature. It works great in background without draining the battery.


The app is sometimes very annoying as it has a lot of glitches and crash issue. It takes a lot of time to load assignments and worksheets. You cannot use the app properly if you have a weak connection of Wi-Fi. The interface is confusing. The app doesn’t recognize passwords sometimes and makes it difficult to log in to the app.

Rated App Version: 6.1 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United Arab Emirates
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