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Paid Options
The Blue apron app offers different plans. The basic plan is for $9.99 per meal, per person. The price for four meals is $8.74 per meal per person. These pricing include shipping price as well.
The app is free to download from the app store. The users get all the facilities in both the plans. Customer service is also included in this plan so that you can call in any case.

Supported Languages: English

Blue apron is no. 01 home cooking kit which makes it easy and fun to cook incredible meals at home. The app offers straight forward and easy to follow recipes which can be made by anyone from the ingredients delivered by Blue apron. This is one of the best service which offers ingredients and recipe meal kit service.   

You can choose your meal plans from top rated food and health conscious options. It offers premium dishes and much variety so that you can invite your guests or friends over a meal at your place. The app lets you cook, create and enjoy your meal the way you never experienced before. 

App Features and Capabilities
  •   Pick meals on the go: It’s never been easier to plan and create delicious meal. With this feature you can easily schedule all your meal plan for the week. All the ingredients for the meals on each specific day will be at your doorstep so that you can make the meal from perfect recipe.  

  • Health tracking: Through this app you can enjoy easy access to health services.  It has a special feature by which you can easily track your health goals. It guides you about the calories you consume in each serving so that you can stay fit.    

  • Personalized menu: It offers wide range of recipe and meal plans. You just have to tell about your dietary preferences and blue apron will personalize the menu you receive. 

  • Easy instructions: The app guides its users with step by step instructions to make the perfect meal from unique recipes. How and when to mix different ingredients while cooking is available in the app.

  • Alerts and Recipes: Blue apron app has this feature by which it alerts its users with all the useful tips and notifications. It keeps you updated with all the new recipes. It notifies when your blue apron box is delivered. You can browse and save thousands of recipes on the app. 

  • Easy to manage your meal plans through this app as it offers fresh ingredients for each meal. 
  • It provides high quality of ingredients freshly packed and served with high safety standards.
  • It offers chef designed recipes to fulfil your carvings and keep you open up to new things. 
  • The app offers weekly booking of your ingredients so that you can schedule your delivery every day.  
  • The app provides calorie details of each meal so that you can keep track of your health. 
  • The app makes sure you receive only those ingredients that has been selected by you. In other words it doesn’t make any mistake in your order. 

  • The search option in the app is extremely basic. Option of filter is not available so that you can get the desire results. You have to manually scroll to select ingredients.  
  • You can only save recipe but you cannot sort of filter saved recipes which means you view list as whole.
  • While using app on tablets the option of full screen is not available which is quite frustrating. 
  • The app needs to improve its ‘extra’ interface as it keeps you scrolling and when you get what you want is eventually sold.  
  • Signing out option is very confusing. Blue apron app sends you delivery even if you had canceled it sometimes. This bug is in the app.   

Other Information to Know
The blue apron app is providing country’s no.1 home cooking kit. Blue apron Inc. are the seller of this app. The app ranks at #132 in the category of Food and Drink. Blue apron app has a rating of 4.7 stars on apple store and 4.4 stars on google play store. The app is free to download. The size of the app is 95.7MB. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app is available in English language only.      

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One of the best app for getting meal kits. It offers unique recipes created by expert chefs each week. Wine lovers can discover multiple recipes and get wine with those personalized meals. Almost 1400 delicious recipes are available in library to please your taste buds. You can easily manage your account, schedule deliveries and customize your meal on the go while using this fantastic app.
The app has some lagging issue. Sometimes ingredients delivered are not so fresh making it difficult to cook. It offers specific items like potatoes with every dish which makes it difficult some times. The sign out option is difficult as it charges you even if you had cancelled offer. The directions to cook meal are lengthy and written in long paragraphs.
Rated App Version: 3.45.14 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United States
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