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Blue Porterweed of the Verbenaceae family

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Blue porterweed
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The plant species Stachytarpheta jamaicensis belongs to the Verbenaceae family. It goes by several names, such as bastard vervain, blue snake weed, Brazilian tea, Jamaica vervain, light-blue, and snakeweed. 

It grows well as a ruderal plant on disturbed terrain and is typically found near rural roadside vegetation. In bush tea, the fresh leaves are used as a blood cleanser and "cooling" tonic, treating "ulcerated stomachs" and "asthma."

This species' tea has been demonstrated to elicit a dose-dependent "fall in the blood pressure" in healthy rabbits. But the tea has also been linked to "mild non-dose dependent systematic toxicity" in a number of bodily organs, including the testis, liver, blood vessels, kidney, and lungs, causing necrosis, fatty alterations, and congestion.
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Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Kasongo village, Kisumu County.    What3words Address: ///closures.plan.trace

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Blue porterweed
Blue porterweed
Blue porterweed
Blue porterweed
Blue porterweed
Blue porterweed

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