Calm App Meditation and Sleep Stories

Calm App Meditation and Sleep Stories

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Calm is a free to install app that allows the user to make an account and select their goals. The free version has a few features that can be used if user is not interested in premium. However, these features or introductory facilities are not enough for a prolonged meditating experience. The Calm premium version includes: 
• More than 120 Stories to help you sleep and new content every week. 
• Master classes from world-renowned mindfulness experts 
• Special guided meditations hours that cover up topics such stress, anxiety, gratitude, sleep and much more 
• Daily session of calm everyday 
• Exclusive music tracks for Sleep, Relaxation, and Focus 

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In the current speed of life, taking out time for one’s own self is at most times difficult and taxing. The little time people can take out, if any, is more than often not enough for relaxing themselves. The problem doesn’t end here; the continuous workload or commitments are stressful for the brain. This stress works its magic in different ways on different people. 
 The best way to de-stress is by meditating. Meditation needs time and contacting a meditating expert and setting up sessions is an excellent solution but who has the time, or the energy for all that’s worth. There is a way out available now, Calm. Calm is a meditation and sleep helping app that provides you all the de-stressing and help you need at your time and on your terms. The only rule, be committed! 

App Features and Capabilities
• Sleep Stories: Calm has a large and ever growing variety of stories to help people who have trouble sleeping or relaxing at night. These stories are voiced by different people so the user can select what tone of voice soothes them. 
• Daily Sessions: Calm provides the user with a topic dedicated session by their experts on the app every day called Daily Calm. The topics are varying and could range for topics like Anxiety, Karma, Depressions, and Heart etc. to just name a few. 
• Calm for Kids: Calm provides a special section for the kids so they can be benefitted from the app too. The sleep stories, meditations, background noise, and music made just for kids can be used for children under 13 to over 4. 
• Mood Check In: The Calm Mood Check In feature provides a place where the user can make a record of what they felt at what time of day along with short notes to explain why. This can be helpful when diagnosing a problem and for treating it. 
• Music: One way to meditate is by listening to soothing music and Calm is the best when it comes to Meditating music apps. The songs and music is by artists all over the world. 
• Breathing exercises: One of the easiest ways of calming down or concentrating is by breathing exercises. These can be helpful in all situations and never the wrong answer, Calm provides breathing exercises to all users followed by a shareable quotation. What better way of making everyone feels better? 
• Meditation: There are meditation exercises for meditators of all levels. From beginners to novices to advanced and experts. Special Master-classes are also provided by experts from all over the world. 
• Nature Based: While the content has topics focusing on everything health, body and mind; the user interface is all about nature. From background soothing noises to a beautiful scenery background. These are changeable. The option is available in settings. 

• Calm Sleep is one of the best features of the app. These stories are available in different vocals and a large variety is provided for selecting. These stories are found helpful in switching the mind off and relaxing. 
• People can now meditate at time of their ease by Calm. The app allows changing the background noises from outdoor to waves, rain, crickets or even the crackling of firewood. 
• The mindfulness app, Calm, focuses not only on the mental issues and opening the psychological knots but also covers points such as “Notice your Body” so it is a good mixture of conscious and unconscious relaxing of the body. 

• Other than the 7 day introductory pack, and a few sessions otherwise, Calm, the happiest app according to the Center for Humane Technology, has next to nothing for a non-paying user. The paid features are brilliant but could be very expensive to some people. The free trail also demands a billing system to be uploaded. 
• For good results, a lot of discipline must be shown in watching the content. Breaks in sessions can dull the effects and break the streak. 

Other Information to Know
The start-up, Calm Inc. launched the app in 2012. Since then it has become one of the leading apps for mind health. Calm has won 3 awards, Best of 2018 Award Winner from Apple, 2017 App of the Year from Apple and the Happiest App in the World from Center for Humane Technology. Additionally, it is the editor’s choice on Google Play. The app has 4.9 star rating and has been downloaded more 20 Million times.

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App Usage:
1. The sleep stories are one of the best things for anyone who has trouble sleeping. The stories are nostalgic to being read at bedtime in the childhood and also a good way to switch off the mind for sleep.
2. There is new and improved stuff for everyone. There is special content in Calm for kids depending on their age.

1. The free version has no options and does nothing. The seventh day the app is almost useless unless the premium is purchased. If using the same content is fine then it is no problem, otherwise.
2. The award winning mediating app is very expensive for most people. The cost can vary per week according to the package selected.
3. A lot of people have been having troubles with unauthorized signing up of the yearly package.

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