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Paid Options
1) At $14.99 average amount, you can enjoy following Premium features. 
2) Users can track record of various food ingredients.
3) Premium food database. 
4) Customized unlimited plates of daily food intake.
5) Gives a reminder at fixed timing.
6) Recording main food ingredients.
7) Calory helps you track the quantity of water you take and you needed.

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Because of complex nature of human body, it is important to have certain adjustment in our body day by day schedule, food admission and food decisions. On account of Medical Science Research, which has been useful to show the 'Do's and Don'ts. 

With a bustling every day schedule, keeping record of your food admission and energy utilization and customized necessities. On account of Calory, an online wellness application, that is an ideal mentor for everybody. 

Calory is worldwide among the best wellness application and Calories Counter. It provide you the correct guidance with inspiration and keep you on target in your dietary patterns.

App Features and Capabilities
Calory is unique with long list of features. The user has the option to use both the free features or the paid one. 

Free Features: 

1. Keeping track of your Calory consumption is equally important to calculate like other health fitness tricks. This application gives you the ease to count your calories by the feature of Calorie Counting. It’s a fastest way to keep track of what you consumed and what you needed with your goal in mind. 
2. Weight Tracking: At the time of profile making you simply need to enter your weight once. Calory will track it itself. 
3. Pick & Chose in certain condition is needed. Macro Tracking feature of Calory application helps you to track daily nutritional food intake. 
4. Limited Plates & Recipes: Gives you a lot of food recipes, but you can also create your own. 
5. Statistics show you periodic diary of your food intake.. 

• More free features than paid. 
• Premium features are not costly. 
• Customizable theme colors. 
• Compatible with Apple Health App, and Siri. Therefore, can be used on the go even. 
• Calories calculation is easy. 
• Compatible with all Apple products. 
• Your apple watch helps you know your burned calories. 
• You can add food a weak ahead of time. 
• Ability of adding custom plates and approaching it through Siri is amazing feature. 
• Calory rightly relates weight loss to the food taken, and make it easy for the user to lose weight. 
• User should have to enter simple parameters like weight, height just for one time. 

• Can only be used by IPhone users. 
• Due to more interactive nature of the app, frequent messaging is annoying. 
• The name of the application is synonymous with literal meaning of energy unit, which is sometimes irritating for the user to read about this application online. 
• More features make the application screen more complex. 
• Water logging through this app is more complicated. 
• Price of the paid features vary from one location to another. 
• Not compatible with Android. 
• Food Recipes are not in abundance like its counterpart My Fitness Pal. 
• The frequent changing versions in the application keeps user busier than required. 

Other Information to Know
With more than 1.6K positive evaluations, Calory application gives you a least difficult calories adding machine and wellness tracker. Basic snap from the application store with few moments stand by lets you have your application on your gadget screen. 

The moderate, clear and more noticeable viewpoint of the application keeps client joined. No sign up is required. The big circle with dots in the middle shows the consumed energy and the horizontal line below the big circle shows your energy requirements. 

Food types are categorized in a simple way to be understandable for everyone. The app has a dark mode of screen. Burned calories are shown. 

Profile making is easy and consists on simple steps of not more than two to three minutes’ activity. Works with apple watch. Perhaps the only fitness app to have more positive feedback in press from user. 

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App Usage:
1) Calory is simple & effective.
2) Clean and appealing interface.
3) You can add menu through a tap screen shot.
4) User support.
5) Tracking water.
6) Showing burned calories.
7) You do not need to remember your food type and count, Calory is there to help.

1) Contains old entries.
2) You can enter food entries even for the wrong day and date.
3) Lack of documentation for the use of few features is irritating like plates & my food.
4) Adjustment of food served and food needed is sometimes complicated than its competitors.
5) The app freezes sometimes by adding a significant amount of calories like more than 600.

Rated App Version: 1.8.4 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United States
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