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Paid Options
In Careem, riders pay for their rides, according to the distance and the type of ride they select their bill is made that is payable in a variety of ways. However, there are no specific paid features that would be available to some of the customers. The Gold status is achieved by taking more than 15 rides in a month.

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In present times, having own car can be a luxury that ends up being more burdensome then it is worth. Finding a place to park, keeping it maintained, paying for the gas, and a thousand other expenses related to car maintenance. At times, people need an easy solution to their commute problems because getting a cab is not possible everywhere. Also, your own conveyance could be the wrong choice for going to your desired location. For all such troubles, we have Careem, a taxi app that can get a ride anywhere you want, with different options of rides, giving you a hassle-free life.

App Features and Capabilities
• Type of Ride: Careem lets you decide the kind of ride you will be taking to your destination by a drop box located towards the bottom of the screen. The service provides different options according to what type of ride you would need. From luxurious cars to local rides, available at the touch of a fingertip. Careem also has categories like Assist and CareemWAV which are available in certain cities and can be useful when traveling with elderly or sick individuals.
• Safety: Careem is very focused on providing safety to its drivers and the customers; there are options in the app that facilitates the customers and the driver. 
• The customer can check the rating, name, picture and the license plate number of the vehicle before the ride arrives at the pickup point. 
• During the ride, the safety button in the app activates and lets you send your live location along with the information of the driver to one contact from your phonebook. 
• The Lost and Found facility helps riders when they lose their belongings in the car.
• Details on Pick-up Point: Careem allows the ride requesting customer to put in specific details of their exact location so the driver, or the captain, has a better understanding of where exactly you are. This can prove to be extremely helpful when the ride is requested in a highly populated or isolated area.
• Gold Status: On taking more than 15 rides in a month the rider’s status is upgraded to Gold.
• Careem Rewards: With Careem, the more one rides, the more he earns. Every penny spent is worth some points. These points can be redeemed for various actions of charity, shopping, eating, or riding even more. Gold Riders win more points and have better chances of redeeming the points.
• Estimated Fare: Careem, unlike other taxi apps, gives the exact amount you will be asked for at the end of the ride, in ideal circumstances, then an estimated range.
• Packages: Careem has packages for its riders who frequently use the app; it reduces the amount you have to pay for your ride saving your money. The package could be according to the kilometers or rides.
• Scheduling: Careem allows its users to schedule a ride as per their needs. You can choose the ride requested is for now or at a later time. 

• The occasional promos (depending on how much you use, frequent riders get promos) on the rides reduces the burden of the fare. 
• The bio and other details of the driver are provided before the ride arrives, so the rider feels a lot safer than usual.
• Careem has a lot of paying methods that can be used as per convenience. Careem has also introduced CareemPay that saves money in Careem Wallet and allows you to pay for your ride.
• Family account setting makes it easier for parents to control when and how their kids use Careem and pay for it accordingly. Also, this allows them to see where their kids by live location service.

• Waiting time could be much longer than other taxi app services. Making Careem the second choice for many riders.
• Careem could be expensive when a package or promo code is not available. For riders like students who have a small income and a smaller budget, it can be a difficult choice. 
• The app hangs at different times making it very difficult to request a ride.
• The ride sharing service is not liked in countries like Pakistan, Iraq and turkey as the females may not be comfortable riding with other passengers. 

Other Information to Know
Careem was launched in July 2012 as a website-based service for corporate car bookings, now it is a famous taxi app working in 100 cities in 14 countries. Careem was acquired by a rival company Uber in the first half of 2019 but continued to operate as a separate brand and operates independently. Careem has 30 Million plus users served by more than a Million drivers. There are two separate apps for customers and drivers.

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App Usage:
1. Careem is easy to use with the user interface made for all kinds of users.
2. All the operating buttons are at the bottom of the screen so requesting a ride when only one hand is available.

1. Careem rates are almost always at a surge. This makes asking for a ride slightly difficult as there are other apps available that don’t have a surge.
Rated App Version: 9.3.1 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Other Similar Apps Used: Uber Country: United States
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