Cool Ultra Power Saving Mode in Huawei Y9 Prime 2019

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1 •	Swipe the Notification Panel Down
2 Select Ultra Power Saving Mode > Continue
Cool Ultra Power Saving Mode in Huawei Y9 Prime 2019
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Huawei Y9 introduced in 2019 added glory to the list of the enterprise by China Mobiles. When it comes to market, it just went viral and everybody was eager to hold this modern new smart phone that was introduced with all the trendsetting features. The cascade went forward with other phones released but Huawei Y9 retains its glory and it is hard to replace this stunning release. 

Ultra power saving mode is an option that helps you to save power while using your smart phone to the full potential. Here is how you can do it

  1.  Swipe the Notification Panel Down > 
  2. Select Ultra Power Saving Mode > 
  3. Continue 

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