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Paid Options is free to cost app. There are no paid features, everything you can utilize without paying the cost. Thus, simply download the app free of cost and avail its crypto trading features. 

Supported Languages: is an affordable, reliable, and all-in-one cryptocurrency platform. Through this app, you can stake and avail a lot of benefits by trading cryptocurrencies.  It’s a solid fee crypto exchange with more than 60 cryptocurrencies. If you want to trade, spend, store or save cryptocurrencies, then is the best option. This is exclusive platform offers a good range of cryptocurrencies at reasonable rates.  Through this app, you can trade, sell or buy cryptocurrencies without inconvenience. The app provides its CRO coins. Those who are willing to stake can avail its benefits. 

App Features and Capabilities
You can download and enjoy the benefits of crypto trading. There is available wide range of features that help traders to trade for cryptocurrencies conveniently.

A lot of rewards: When you register with, you can start earning up 6.5% per annum on the crypto. You can grow digital assets by earning 12% per year on stable coins. You can also get a meal visa card by availing the 8% rewards back.  You can also buy or sell 100 plus crypto with True Cost. One more benefit is that once you deposit crypto, you can get an instant loan.

Crypto Visa Card: Crypto Visa card is a product that is offering. It is a physical card with metallic appeal and offers 8% rewards back when you spend on the card. Through this, you can do a subscription for movies and music by selecting the streaming service. There is unlimited access to 1000 plus airport lounge son the cards that you get through There are no fees for withdrawal and interbank exchange rates. 

Multiple cryptocurrencies offering: Wallet offers different types of crypto coins. You can buy the Crypto AT true cost without paying fees, and there are no hidden spread markups. You can also Buy Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether, Shiba Lnu, Litecoin, and other different credit card or bank transfer options. You can easily secure, receive or send cryptocurrencies and track 200 plus coins through the cryptocurrency price tracker. The services are based on the jurisdiction. 

One-Stop-Shop: is the one-stop-shop that means you can exchange as well as sell through this app. You can also swap them with other users by using the Defi wallet. You can also get paid in crypto through a visa-prepared card. You can easily put cash in an interest-earning account. 

 Low Fees: offers a trading system through low fees.  You can use the app through an electronic bank transfer system or by using a wire transfer without paying any fees. Thus, this offers better value exchange. 

Cashback cards:
There are available five cashback cards system. The top of the range card is Obsidian, which can earn 8% cashback and comes with extra bonuses. 

Earn interest: 
You can earn a lot of interest through this app. It is not simply buying bitcoins but also earning high rates of interest. One can earn the interest of 14% and get cash in CRO for qualification. 

  • Low fees.
  • Easily convertible. 
  • Visa card cashback. 
  • Rewards and interest on cards. 
  • Different cryptocurrencies.
  • The security system is strong. 

  • Navigation is difficult.
  • Coins not available easily. 
  • Consumer service is poor.

Other Information to Know is a popular app for the trading of cryptocurrencies. It currently has 57K users and a 4.7 plus rating. The app has won customer loyalty because of its reliability and a lot of rewards. The free-of-cost app is compatible with iPhone, requiring iOS 11 or later,  and iPod touch with 11 or later. The app support different languages for people of other countries can avail its features. These include. English, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish. 

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App Usage:
• User-friendly interface.
• Low fee cryptocurrency exchange.
• Ideal platform for beginners.
• You can do save, spend, buy and trade cryptocurrencies.
• No withdrawal fees are charged.

• Consumer service is a bit poor. You have to wait some extra time to get a response from the customer service officer.
• Navigation is also somewhat hard.

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