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Paid Options
It’s an ad-free experience. Subscribers get two benefits: 

  • They won’t see ads in the app.  They will be able to download lessons for offline use. Adding to that there is also a feel-good aspect to this, as Duolingo highpoints that subscribers to Duolingo Plus, as the subscription is called, will help “millions around the world learn for free.”

  • Capability to download lessons in the app for offline use.

  • Unlimited skill test-outs. Monthly streak repair. Progress/Mastery Quiz.

Supported Languages:

Now you can learn a language with worlds most downloaded app. For learning a language online one of the most popular and well-known tools is Duolingo.  Duolingo is completely free app. Among challenging costly paid programs Duolingo was the first free language-learning app. To help you it provides plenty of self-paced exercises you build a base understanding of dozens of languages. 

It's one of the easily best available free language app anyone could get. You can work towards your language learning goals. You can get play full rewards. Either for learning purpose or time pass whatever is it but assure you that you are going to love this application. 

App Features and Capabilities
Instant gratification: When we talk about online learning then there is no such thing as instant gratification. Learning a new foreign language it takes time, dedication and self-control.  Duolingo makes learning process less like studying and more like playing.  

You can Learn Gradually: One of the best feature of this app is that you can learn language gradually. Duolingo teaches you in a way that by helping you gradually build a daily learning habit. So you can in this way learn little at a time. 

Progressive Lessons: This app is extremely planned and organized. Learners will practice writing, reading speaking and listening illustrated objects and recurring in each with progressive lessons. Through different lessons programs learners will practice writing, reading speaking and listening illustrated objects and recurring in each. 

Well Structured: A list of modules in order displays on  app's home screen. Each section has a topic, whether it's linguistic or thematic. Several lessons are available in each module. To unlock the next set of modules you have to pass a certain number of lessons. On normal, it takes three or four minutes to complete each lesson.

Reading, Writing, Translating: In Duolingo, you’re able to primarily translating. Which means it is a type of reading and writing. Usually, you can translate from the language you're learning into a word, sentence or lines from the language you're learning into the language of instruction. 

· For instance related to other paid programs, Duolingo content is so good that still ranks between the best software for learning a language.
· For newbies this little app with the friendly course has become the absolute go to resource trying to get any language.
· It’s free, it’s accessible and it is based on solid research.
· You can get a skill tree of lessons that use different mediums like listening exercises, flashcards, and multiple choice questions to practice you on new letters, expressions, and lines.
· Users can discuss a particular question in detail through comment thread. Mostly questions have comment thread option. 

Need To Focus On Some Concepts: By getting you to focus on some concepts more deliberately Duolingo could improve more. 

It’s the Lack of Explanations: In this app, you learn by do the same as phrases without even start to cover the background stories that grammar tell. They don’t give details. There is very lack of explanations most of time.  If Duolingo would provide concepts with more explanations and details it would be better. Like if they provide references that will make more sense with sentences and learning process will be easier and effective. 

Other Information to Know
This is an American language learning website. Designed by language specialists. Its programs initiated in 2009. It is most downloaded ap for learning language or many other things. It was declared that Duolingo elevated $30 million in a series On December 4, 2019.  Duolingo developed from 170 staff members to 200 employees with headquarters which was great success for them. Duolingo had a income of $1 million in 2016.In 2017$13. $36 million in 2018 and was projected to hit $86 million in 2019.They passed one million paid subscribers in April 2020.

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App Usage:
Duolingo is elegant and well-designed application. Pretty, engaging and takes away a lot of the “dusty books” image from learning. This app is ideal for modern consumers. You can learn as many as words, sentences you want to learn. Best of all things in Duolingo is constantly illustration on old material. This means that previously learned words and grammar are used while learning new words and grammar. Lessons are broken into small chunks which makes learning process easier.
In a learning language app language also struggle with some of the unspoken aspects of communications. This is because of some aspects which cannot cover through just one app.
Applications cannot cover each and everything that is not possible. That’s why they are cheaper than language programs. Language applications only covers basics. You can learn as many as you wanted. But still you will lack in speaking that a language fluently. For that reason learning with language app can be your stating point but not the end.

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