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Paid Options
The app has a feature of ESPN+ which offers live streaming of the matches across different supports such as live matches of NBA and Premier League of England. The charges of the monthly subscription are $5.99 while $49.99 for an annual subscription of the ESPN+. 

The paid features also include an extra subscription of UFC which lets the user stream all the matches of UFC for $64.99 which is hefty amount but for UFC users it is worth it! 

Supported Languages:

ESPN is one of the best apps in the category of sports. The app has multiple features such as live sports and ball by ball or minute by minute update of the live scoreboard, breaking news about the latest happenings in the world of sports across all sports, and you get the in-depth post and pre-match analysis through live and blogs by the pundits of top quality. 

ESPN is also leading app with its wide coverage overall kind of sports varying from local tournament English Premier League to The ICC World Cup. ESPN can be personalized according to your likes. 

App Features and Capabilities
• Live Sports: ESPN offers you a feature to give you every second update as we can get ball by ball update of a cricket match or let it be minute by minute update of a football match. This feature let me feel that you are in the stadium and watching the match at every moment. 

• Breaking News: The app has one of the leading reporters in the world with names such as Tommy Smyth. ESPN gives all the groundbreaking news in the world of sports that is why it is the leading platform in this category. 

• In-depth Analysis: ESPN gives the analysis by the top-notch pundits and analysts. ESPN gives pre and post-match analysis of the all the top-notch matches whether it be the Ashes of cricket or the El Clasico of football. Pundits give their opinion on the latest things happening in the universe of sports. 

• Personalization: App gives you multiple options to personalize the app in your interest whether it be the liberty to choose the team that you prefer to follow selectively or it is whole tournaments which you prefer to follow. 

• Notification: App gives you control over various notifications which include the notification of starting and ending of the match. App gives you goal and other main events in the match notifications. App sends you pre-match facts notifications too. 

• The streaming feature is one of the top features of the app though it is paid feature but it's worth it as you get to be in the stadium while being on the couch of our living room. 
• The variety of the types of sports categories that are available to be followed is very high with sports such as Kabaddi to the most global and lively sport, football. 
• The app has multiple video reviews and highlights on the app which makes the app interesting as it attracts the more vibrant customers. 

• The prices of the subscriptions are too high which makes watching the match from your living room luxury, not an essential. 
• Though the app has a lot of variety which makes it harder to navigate that is why it can be a hectic experience for the new users of the app. 
• The quality of the video streaming is very low even lower than that of Television which makes this feature in the grey list otherwise its ability to feature any match makes the app still a plus point over traditional TV. 

Other Information to Know
The app was launched on October 25th, 2010. The app is sold by ESPN Inc. The app is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish languages which makes the app diverse and makes the app user friendly. The app has 4.4 ratings with on #3 in the sports section of App Store. 

The app initially free but it has some paid features. The app is the top-grossing sports app which makes it every other citizen of America, a user of the app. The app has over 500 Million installs on the play store which makes it elite app in the universe of sports. 

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App Usage:
The app has the feature of live stream is one of the most favourite feature of the app as this makes me watch the favourite matches from my working desk.

The interface of the app is very cool which makes it more interacting & friendly to the user. The app has one of the feature of "Selective teams following" is one of my favourite features.

The prices of the subscription are very high which makes me financially unstable. The quality of video streaming is not high resolution which is a letdown for me as in the world of fast-moving. They should be up to the mark with innovation.

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