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Facebook is a social platform that connects people by offering them a platform to interact, transact, and share ideas and posts.
 It was co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg and had a total of more than 5 billion downloads and over ninety million reviews.

App Features and Capabilities
  - News Feeds. The app has a first layout where one can access all the updates, posts, and pictures posted by the people in the friend's list.
 - Facebook Ads. Through paid promotions, businesses can liaise with the Facebook support team and have their business pages promote where they can reach a  vast network of people.
 - Personal Portfolio. People are using Facebook to develop personal brands through customizing their profile images, increasing the number of their followers and making their posts public for more publicity. This way, they can market themselves, even out of the platform. 
 - Data-free mode. Facebook has this data-free mode where people can access the news feeds, react to posts and even comment even when they have no data.
 - Make friends. People have the mandate to choose the kind of friends they want on their list by either following people, rejecting and approving friend requests. 


1. One has control over the number and kind of friends they have on Facebook.
2. Businesses reach a vast number of people through the application.
3. One can network with family, friends, and long-lost people with just a tap on their phone.
4. People meet online, engage in current debates, and even end updating. 
5. Facebook is currently the fastest was for passing information to the public. This makes it preferable for governments and leaders to opt for the app to make important announcements or declare emergencies.
6. Private messaging. Depending on personal preferences, people can send direct messages to other people's inboxes without the public knowing.

1. The app occupies a lot of phone memory space.
2. Facebook has had endless privacy issues, especially for user data. 
3. One has no control over the Ads by the app, especially the promoted ones. 
4. It consumes a lot of data.
5. Users of this application are likely to get addicted to the app where they are unable to keep off it.
6. Time-consuming. People tend to overuse Facebook and therefore miss out on crucial life moments.


Other Information to Know
1. Facebook is among the most downloaded applications. With more than two billion users, it is possible to reach a vast audience in case of any emergency. 
2. Verified Facebook pages are activated after payments are made as negotiated in the contract terms between the platform and the companies. 
3. Customization of what the user sees once they switch to Facebook enables one to have control over images and videos displayed. 
4. Facebook is only restricted in China and Iran. 

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Overall rating 
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Customer Support 
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App Usage:
*It is fast to load news and updates.
*Images are clear, and they load fast.
*Easy to navigate
*Profile customization is easy.
*Easy to follow and un-follow people.
*Control over what one can see and not see.
*Makes making friends easier through 'people you may know' section.
*Direct messaging, through Messenger, makes it comfortable for communication

*Unnecessary Facebook ads,
*It consumes a lot of data.
*Facilitates stalking behaviors
*Contributes to depression when excessively used.
*Content uploaded is hardly censored.
*Lot of concerns, especially for user data.

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1 reviews
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