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Any telecom technology-related information is freely available to almost anyone through the power of the internet, thus any knowledge posted on Cleartalking would be beneficial to countless individuals. We welcome anyone to share their knowledge or experiences on Cleartalking. However, it is against our policy to publish content that misleads, distorts, exaggerates or plagiarizes. We have a zero-tolerance policy for misleading, inaccurate, and plagiarized content, in any and all forms.

To encourage users who provide us with valuable content, we want to list them as  ‘Featured Writers’ on the site as a way of appreciating their contribution and effort.

How do you become a ‘Featured Writer’ on Cleartalking?

Anyone can become a writer on Cleartalking and submit Q&A, telecom tips, telecom product/service reviews, or forum posts. Each submission should be original content with accurate information, which will be assessed by our internal team for quality.

If you have submitted at least 100 posts and each post of length between 5 – 10 lines on Cleartalking , then you can qualify to become a ‘Featured Writer’ on the site. Once you have posted 100+ posts as per the guidelines, you can contact us to be listed as a ‘Featured Writer’ in Cleartalking. You posts could be in any sections of Cleartalking (Telecom Forum, Q&A, Tips or Reviews).

If you qualify as a Featured Writer by meeting the above criteria, submit your profile.

What are the benefits of being a ‘Featured Writer’?

As a technical writer, you can build your online profile through your contributions on Cleartalking. Your profile reference as a ‘Featured Writer’ on Cleartalking, can be provided to prospective employers seeking technical writers on freelance websites.

We will also consider qualified ‘Featured Writers’ for the paid Content Writer/Editor position in Cleartalking.