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Paid Options
The app is free to download and use from app store and allows in app purchases and it also have paid version offering monthly subscriptions as mentioned 

  • Feedly Pro Monthly $7.99 
  • Feedly Pro Monthly $15.99 

Supported Languages: English

Whether it’s leading newspapers, trade publications, Youtube channels, Twitter feeds, influential bloggers, RSS feeds, research journals, you can keep up with all the topics and trends of your interest at one place. Leo, your AI assistant let’s you to be in control of the priorities. It can read your favorite feeds and topics. You can train Leo for noise filter and it is the real time saver. Curate, organize and share industry perceptions which your team members want to research, speed up, marketing and sales. Users can control all the personal information and can also share their interests and perspectives and grow their brand on social media. 

App Features and Capabilities
  • AI Assistant: Leo is your AI assistant which helps you throughout, from reading out loud your feeds to prioritize the topics, events and trends you like the most. Leo also short-list the most relevant topics for you in priority lab
  • Consistent Reading: The app allows user for optimized and consistent reading of journals and magazines, digital publications, your followed blogs, favorite feeds, trade publications, leading newspapers and provides notifications based on your interests through Google Alerts Support.
  • Shared Boards: With shared boards feature user can feed everyone in their organization with their perspective and help them make smarter decisions and grow your social media board.
  • Review Content: The most obvious way for using this app review content that allows users to review content, app allows a fresh process for researching content different from the traditional approaches.
  • Dark Mode: The easy switch between normal mode and dark mode allows users to read the feed effectively and efficiently even in comfort of their bed in dark. 

  • You can read and organize all feeds of your interest at one place and short-list your feeds according to your need. 
  • User can read, collect and share new content from their trusted blogs, feeds and websites and it works like RSS collection service. 
  • User do not have to go to different sites manually one by one and read their news of interest, instead this app has all their favorite news at one place. 
  • You can bookmark and save your favorite articles to read later and all articles you already read are saved too so you can still read them later. 
  • This app also allows user to compare and contrast between different topics and gain excess opinion on relevant topic. 

  • There is no push notification service so user will not be notified when there is new content of their interest and they have to open the app to check for updated content.
  • Sometimes user can have difficulty to save feeds in save section. It can happen rarely but it can be annoying to miss your important feed. 
  • Search option is only for premium users and ads pop up in the middle of feeds in free version. 
  • For reading some full articles user have to visit the source site as they are not available fully on this app. 

Other Information to Know
One of the best app to read all your feeds and articles at one place, this app is developed by Feedly Inc. It is from News category and 4.7 rating on app store having 22.9k reviews. Latest version is 84.0.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iOS required is 10.0 or later, also available on Android above 5.1. It has 71+ age rating and a copyright from Feedly. The size of the app is 118.7 MB. It supports English language only and comes at 129 number in news. It is free to use offering in app purchases and also have paid version. 

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App Usage:
• We can share any article easily through email or SMS on our social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
• We can follow events in real-time because the app collates and updates In real time and user can keep up to date with changing perspectives and opinions.
• The app allows easy integration with all the popular platforms and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Zapier and so on.

• Some features that were free before are now part of paid version.
• There is no regular search option and whenever you want to search something, the app tells you to get power search which is the part of paid version. And there is no button to close that overlay window.
• The filter option is also just available for paid users only but when they announced the new feature they did not mentioned this is only for paid uses only.

Rated App Version: 84.0.0 Phone Used: Samsung Galaxy A3 - reviews Country: United States
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