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Productivity is now achieved with the help of apps – and this one here beats most of them out of the game. Forest: Stay Focused aims to increase people’s productivity by stopping you from getting distracted from your phone. What you do here is set the timer to the time limit you want to set, and click on the start button. A seed is planted at the beginning, which then grows into a full tree when your timer ends. There are a lot of trees to plant now, but many of them are yet to be unlocked. You can do that once you fill up your wallet with virtual coins. There is a tab labelled ‘Shop’ which you can look at once you download it. You can check your progress, as well as look at you blooming ‘forest’ in the tab ‘Forest’ tab. There are a whole lot of settings which you can use to make your app experience more personalized. It is a nice change from using any boring productivity apps, which just sets the timer and do nothing else. This is a much better way to boost your motivation into doing something worthwhile!

App Features and Capabilities
• An interesting way to help you beat phone addiction and overcome distraction
• Encourages you to stay focused
• The best cure for procrastination
• Reduces procrastination and makes you productive
• A simple, pleasant way to track your focused moments
• Earn rewards and unlock new tree species
• Turn your focused moments into a lovely big forest
• Motivate yourself to achieve your daily goals!

The app is a lot better than other concentration and productivity apps. If people using it are especially nature-lovers, then they will find it almost impossible to ‘kill’ a tree. The UI is minimalistic and still easy and efficient. The colours are calm and soothing, and it is equally beneficial that the gains they get from the app are invested with a real-tree-planting organization. A recently added feature of ‘calming music’ makes sure that you are concentrating fully on your work, which you can buy with their virtual coins.

There are ads which pop up, whenever you either want to double your coins or accidentally give up so that you don’t have a dried-up tree in your forest. It is a loophole which one can exploit if they want to keep their record clean and still be able to use their phones. The pro version is offered on play store at 170/- which is something not many would be able to afford – and there are some pretty good options which are locked away in there.

Other Information to Know
It is interesting to note how Forest has taken upon themselves to plant real trees, along with their online trees. They have partnered with ‘Trees for the Future’, which is a real-tree-planting organization. The virtual coins spent on the app goes straight to the pocket of this organization. Along with this, some of its features, as included on their google play store page, are –
• Google Play 2015-2016 Best App of the Year, 2018 Best Social Impact App Nomination, 2018 Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity App
• More than 2 million satisfied paying users.
• Over 340,000 real trees were planted on Earth by our users.
• Won 2018 Google Play's Best Self-improvement in Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India and Thailand!

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I loved the fact that they are trying to save the environment by planting trees. It is something that not many apps would do. This is perhaps the thing I loved the most.
The premium version is a slight thorn for me - because I come in that group who can't afford the paid version. I would have loved to have the options in the free version so that I can take full benefits of that.

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