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Freeletics App Training Coach

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  1. Coach Subscription$34.99
  2. Coach Subscription$59.99
  3. Coach Subscription$79.99
  4. Get Your Coach Now$49.99
  5. 6-Month Training&Nutrition$89.99
  6. Get Your Coach Now$114.99
  7. Get Your Coach Now$34.99
  8. Get Your Coach Now$59.99
  9. Coach Subscription$74.99
  10. 3-Month Subscription$34.99

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Freeletics is a digital training and coaching app which was founded in 2013. The app was started to provide inspiration and challenges to the users, app provides willpower, self-confidence and mental strength to the user through its fitness program. The app is available for both android and IOS devises. Color theme of the app is completely dark.

App Features and Capabilities
Feed: in this section you will see all the post and images from your network, you have to login with your facebook account and the app shows who is using the app from your friend list and then you can see all the activities your friends are doing like running, Push up, and many more. There is a leaderboard section which shows who is ranking in your friend list.

Explore: in this section you can see all the workouts programed for their users such as mindset coaching, personalized training, single exercises, dynamic warmup, active cooldown and many more. In the mindset coaching section you see all the podcast related on fitness. You can also search training location near by using this option.

Coach: in this section there are personalized training programs such as gain muscle, lose weight, get fit, and many more. There are card type scrolling menu which are different workouts that you can try and include in your fitness program.

When you click on any of the workout you can see how long you have to continue this workout, cardio and muscle level, how long does per section needs, can you train it at your home or you need a proper equipment, and many more.

Profile: In this section you can see all your workout journey, level of profile, how many workout have you completed and followers. You can share your profile using the share button, you can also customize your profile using this section.

Notification: in this section you will get all the notification from the app and from the friends you have followed to.

  1. App is easy to use and understand.
  2. You can connect through your facebook account and follow all your friend who are using this to join their fitness journey
  3. At the time of running location option tracks your distance to provide accurate information.

  1. Many of the features on the app is paid version.
  2. You cannot use the app offline.

Other Information to Know
The app is a freemium app which means that you can download the app for free but you have to pay for some features on the app. You can buy freeletics merch and equipment from there website which you can find in the setting of the app. The app is operated completely by internet connectivity.

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