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Paid Options
The app is totally free to download. This app is non profitable app as it doesn’t charge any extra money from its users. All the features can be used for free on this app. The app can be downloaded from google play store or apple store. The app will collect data of microphone, camera and photos by asking permission as it will be stored on google servers.  

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Google classroom is a free web service developed by google. Anyone with just google account can use this service easily. This service actually makes learning process easy by connecting learners and instructors inside and outside of school, colleges and universities. Google classroom app saves times and paper as you can just take your class easily on it while being anywhere. 

Teachers can easily distribute assignments, learning material and lectures by using this app.  The primary purpose of this app is to streamline process of sharing data among teachers and students. Students and teachers can communicate with each other in real time by using this app. 

App Features and Capabilities
Easy to set up: This app is very easy to use. Teachers can easily add students to the class directly or by sharing code so they can join it. No complications or tasks are needed to join the class room. 

Paperless: The app simply makes the teaching methods paperless. Teachers can give assignments to students and in return check and grade them paperless.

Time saving: The app offers simple time saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of assignment for each student. Further, assignment workflow helps teachers to create, review and grade quickly. 

Affordable and secure: The app is free to use which makes it affordable for everyone. Students and teachers data is secure as this app doesn’t use their data for any advertising purposes. 

Organized learning: The app has different folders for each subject. Students can find all the study material in relevant subject folder. All the documents, photos and videos of a specific subject can be found in its folder in google drive. 

Enhanced communication: Teachers can instantly start discussions and share announcements on it. Students can share sources of data with each other for answering questions. Different surveys like field trip survey can be carried out on this app for quick decisions and students feedback. 

  • The Google classroom app is simple and easy to use. Teachers and students can easily interact with each other. 
  • Data sharing processes is smooth and reliable. Teachers can share assignments and learning material anytime with the students. 
  •  Students can open their assignments and work on them right from their iPhone or iPad. 
  • Students and teachers gets notification whenever there is new content in classroom which makes them updated every time. 
  • This app is very helpful in the time of pandemic as schools are closed. Students and teacher can continue the process of learning right from their homes by using google classroom app. 

  • The assignments usually takes a lot time to turn in. This time consuming feature frustrate teachers and students.
  • The notifications are difficult to handle. Especially for teachers, they gets a lot of random notification after every minute regarding irrelevant assignment submissions. 
  •  No automatic saving available while working on documents. You lose your work if you get out of the working page. This is just so annoying for teachers and students. 
  • Sometimes users faces freezes and blackout issue while using app on phone. You have to restart your phone to get rid of the issue.
  • It is not easy to read for a long time on screen as it gives strain issue to eyes. 

Other Information to Know
This app is owned by Google LLC. This mobile app of google classroom was launched in January 2015 and is available for iOS and android users. The ranking of this app is no.03 in education category. This app has a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars on Apple store while 2.3 stars on google play store. The app supports iOS 12.0 and up version of Android. The size of the app is 186.6 MB. The app is available in multiple languages. The app available free to download in app store.  

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App Usage:
• The app is very simple and easy to use with user friendly interface.
• You can carry your phone anywhere and can do assignments in your car as well.
• Photos and videos shared are easily accessible and interesting in term of learning point of view.
• Easy to read, listen and watch features in the app.
• Different surveys can be carried out in app regarding feedback of learning process or field trips.

• Delay accessing content present in app.
• The app gets freeze sometimes making it difficult to continue learning.
• Too many notifications frustrates sometimes.
• Auto save option is not available while working on documents.
• Editing of assignments is not possible once they are submitted.
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