Google Maps App - Transit & Food, real-time GPS navigation

Google Maps App - Transit & Food, real-time GPS navigation

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Google Maps - Q&A
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Google Maps was founded by Google in 2005, now the product is not only used by general public but also big brands like Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Most of the app that has a tracking feature uses Google Maps.

The app is totally controlled with Internet. You get an option to download offline maps which you can use even if you are not connected to internet.

App Features and Capabilities
The first thing that you see on Google Maps is a map with a search option and also different features like nearby ATM's, Restaurant, Hospital, Petrol Pumps, etc. You also get a Layer option which has option like Map Type which has Default, Satellite and terrain. Then we have Maps Details which has option like Transport, traffic, Cycling, 3D view and Street View.

Street View: Google has embedded Street views in their application which shows you streets of different location. This is very helpful features as you can see college campuses, heritage places, Tourist places, etc. on one app.Traffic conditions: The app shows real time traffic condition so that you can plan your trip wisely. This app also suggest best routes according to you pick and drop location. You can change the routes to see the time it takes to reach your location.

Business: Now you have an option where you can list your business info and location. If someone searches about your business on search engine they will get info about your location and a link to Google maps which show maps to get to your business location.

Indoor Maps: You get indoor maps for Museum, Airports, Shopping Malls, University and etc. for you can navigate by yourself. This is very useful if you travel because there are many places like airports where you get confused over each thing and at that time this app gets handy.

Local Guide: If you are travel enthusiast and know many places to travel you can become a Google local guide where you will have to share your reviews and experience about the places you have visited, for example are travelling to mount taboo you can write feedback's about the place and foods that you have tried. Google also rewards there guides who shares value able feedback to the community. 

  1. It show how much time it will take us to reach to our destination.
  2. It shows the traffic condition on the route.
  3. Feedback's from local guides are very useful.
  4. You get to see nearby offers on restaurants and shops.

  1. Sometime it shows wrong route, which effects the trip.
  2. You need Internet access to use this app.

Other Information to Know
Google map hosts different types of events for their Google Local Guides. You need to be at a certain level on Google Local Guide to get this event offers.

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