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GoSite is designed to help local business to interact with their picked customers across the digital landscape. This is one of the best business applications, which fits in the palm of your hand and enables you to grow your business from anywhere. This application enables you to do multitasking, all at one single hub, task like online reviews, manage business texts, appointments, payments and maintain your digital presence, and a lot more.

App Features and Capabilities
Reviews – reviews in this application, eventually increase or decrease your reputation as a businessman. In this application, you can manage and monitor all your online reviews. You will get a push notification as well, whenever you get a review, which is extremely useful. You can also minimize your negative review, by interacting with your customer privately and finding solutions of the problems, which lead to negative reviews. And last but not least, with reviews and overall rating feature, you can get a better customer insight as well, which will do wonders for your business.
Messengers – GoSite allows small business and local business to interact with customers, by giving heroic customer service. You can respond to messages in real-time from anywhere across the globe. With the auto-response, you can accept inquires at any time of the day. through single dashboard, you can promptly respond to customer inquiries and satisfy them. And with its push notification feature, you’ll definitely never miss an incoming message. This is one of the best features in this application, to keep all your communication organized in a single hub with messages from google my business, SMS, and websites.
Booking – booking is vital in every business. So, the booking feature in this application brings power and ease of online booking to small businesses. On SMS reminders of upcoming appointments, you can reduce no-show by up to 40%. You can provide an easier path to customers as well, by providing them omnichannel booking, which will increase your overall booking. And last but not least, booking notifications and automatic confirmations will make rescheduling and scheduling Hassle-Free.
Payments – there’s a lot of payment options in this application for a small business like online, through SMS, digital wallet, or in-person payment as well. and its highest-grade encryption tech will ensure 100% security. And you can keep track of your payment history as well.
Presence – from one dashboard, you can update your online directories and enjoy a cohesive digital presence. And, by updating photos from mobile devices, you can keep a relevant, fresh web presence.  And lastly, you can enhance SEO automatically by creating a consistent NAP as well.

  1. Lots of payment option in this application is very useful, for all the small business owners. It's not limited to 1 or 2 options, like other applications.
  2. The best part about this application is that you can keep all the communication organized all at one single hub, be it messages from SMS, website, or google my business.

  1. This application is not made for a large business owner, all its services are designed for small business owners.

Other Information to Know
  1. GoSite was founded in 2013, by Alex Goode. And it’s available on both android and IOS devices. 

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