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HDFC Life Insurance - Q&A
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HDFC is a leading life insurance company in India offering a variety of group and individual solutions that meet various customer needs such as pension, protection, investment, tax savings, and health. Via this application, explore HDFC life insurance plans such as Health retirement, Child Plans, savings and investments, and term insurance. This application aims at fulfilling the dual objective of policy servicing and purchasing insurance policies. And with this application, you can do a lot more things like, buy a life insurance plan with complete in-app buying, upload documents, track policies and monitor each step of your insurance policy with the application manager. And via this application, you can maintain your account with care and clarity, by an extremely useful feature like the fund switch feature, which enables you to move your accumulated funds from one fund to another. With the premium redirection feature, you can redirect your future premiums into different funds as per your need. And last but not least, keep track of all your insurance-related transactions. Basically, in simple words, with this application, you can browse various online life insurance plans, study their benefits, and track policy issuance. 

App Features and Capabilities
  1. Buy plans – in this option, there are all types of plans which are provided by HDFC, like term plans, savings plans, retirement plans health plans, women plan and child plans, and more, all in one place. With every plan, there’s a detailed description and disclaimer.
  2. Home screen – in the home screen you’ll get all the services that are provided by HDFC, all in one place. Services like buy a policy, application manager, quick pay, tools calculators, fund performance, featured plans, latest news, articles, and a lot more.
  3. My Account – with my account feature, you can maintain your account with clarity and this option, you will see all your plans and all your activity in one place. and information of your account will be kept secret by HDFC, in their terms and conditions, they mention clearly, that they will not disclose your information to a third party. So, making an account in HDFC is safe and secure. 
  4. Talk or chat – if you have any queries about any plan, so you can directly call and ask the customer care or you can chat with them. And the customer service be available for 24 hrs. so you can contact them at your desired time. 

  1. The talk and chat feature in this application are very useful, it clears doughty and brings clarity and it bee’s available 24/7. 
  2. In this application you will get a detailed description and disclaimer of the insurance plan, so you can read it thoroughly before taking any decision. 
  3. The interface of this application is unbelievably user-friendly.

  1. In this application, there isn’t any step by step guide for the beginner. To understand this application.

Other Information to Know
HDFC bank was founded in August 1994, by Hasmukhbhai Parekh, and its headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. And this application by HDFC was released on 9 June 2014 (6 years ago).

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