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The Insta work app is available free of cost. There is no paid version. Thus. You only need to click the install button and start using it. The user-friendly app is cool to use. 

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If you are hunting for a job with flexible timings, then at Insta Work, you can easily find a job. Simply make your gigs in your busy schedule. You can earn special rewards for hard work and perform well through this well-reputed platform. The Insta Top Pro Program. The app is available in 37 cities in Canada and USA. You can open the app, get your first access to gigs and create your profile to get a new job opportunity. The app is very easy to use. You can get multiple types of jobs. So, read about the features of the app here and get connected. 

App Features and Capabilities
  • Working at Shifts: Through the Insta Work job, you can find the job of multiple positions from hospitality to catering. Moreover, warehouse jobs and delivery driver jobs are also available here. Thus, you can open the app and apply for the job according to your schedule. You can book shifts, track your time, get hired and start getting paid on time.
  • Top Pro Program: Another feature of the app is the Top Pro program. Through this, users get rewarded for working consistently and showing high-level performance. One can get rewards for your gigs like instant payments, case bonuses and 3% extra pay.
  • Flexible Gigs: One can get hired and paid quickly on a weekly basis by getting a flexible schedule and easily choosing the work and when. One can also choose from various options like warehouse, culinary, hospitality and general labor jobs. Furthermore,  one can also learn as well as expand the skills set with each new gig.
  • Shift Tracker And Pay Check: One more characteristic is that one can review the paybacks and earnings from each shift. Moreover, one can see all shift sites and jobs in their area.
  • Job And Business Networking: Through this app, one can connect with other professionals and new businesses. One can message people in the network and link up with new gigs. One can get recommendations from others in the network. There is an increase in the chance of getting hired. There are chances of getting a permanent job by working in the business.
  • Multiple Job Options: Insta Work Job Bank, culinary and hospitality like a bartender, server, busser, line, dishwasher, cashier, concessions, event setup and takedown, custodial and housekeeping. One can also do warehouse jobs like picking, packing, material handling, forklift operation and general labor.
  • Skill Gaining Opportunity: Through Insta Work, one can get a lot of skill-gaining opportunities. For those who are passionate for their work, this platform is surely for them. 

  • The app help professionals with proven work history.
  • The seamless interface that allows workers to easily work through the app.
  • Ongoing support available from the onsite team.
  • No scam or fake jobs.
  • Quick Navigation.

  • Communication is not clear sometimes.
  • No management to call on the spur.
  • No healthcare offered.
  • Sometimes hard to deal with because of tough job timings.
  • Poor customer service.

Other Information to Know
The app has a 4.8 rating and 36 k users. The easy-to-use platform is best for those hunting jobs like catering, labor, cashier, or even setup. The app works in 31 cities and supports English and Spanish language. It's free of cost and requires 11. iOS version for easy installation. Lastly, it requires 43 MB of space to install on your phone. 

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