JioSaavn App Giving access to global music

JioSaavn App Giving access to global music

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Paid Options
The pro version is actually 99INR per month, however, the current offer that is going on is 33.25INR per month, where you will be paying in bulk for a year. With this offer, you actually save 67%.

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JioSaavn was all the rage before Spotify graced India with its presence. However, there are many loyal listeners still tuning in to the JioSaavn app. The app is a neat enough, precise and clean music streaming app, which works as a music player for your local songs too. On the home page, you will see playlists created and put forth by the app itself, varying in genres and moods.

Then there come the podcasts; you can pick any of them and just start listening to. This app also provides radio stations which are really cool, because people don’t usually listen to the radio anymore, and this is the app’s cute little way to bring it back. However, it doesn’t have the radio channels, but is dedicated either to one singer or genre or even eras – JioSaavn has thought of everything! There are other sections in the home page too, such as Top Charts, Trending now, Top JioTunes, and New releases.

Moving on to the next page is the search option, where a list of recent searches crops up, right below the boxes of trending songs on the app. If you are not sure what to listen to, then there is also an option of ‘Surprise Me’, which will play any song that will (hopefully) cater to your needs. The next section has all the options on ‘Home’ page but in a list manner. ‘New releases’, ‘Playlists’, ‘Radio’ and all the other already known options.

The next page has the option of your account, where the songs that you have in your phone and on the app is shown (in case you have the pro version; only then you can download the songs on the app). That brings us to the pro version of the app. JioSaavn is a much more fun version, as all the paid versions are. JioTunes, No Ads, Unlimited downloads, listening offline – these are some of the many benefits of the pro version. However, the cost, for now, is like 99 INR for a month; not feasible for everyone. The options at the left side, after sliding the tray out are actually the same as the other options. JioSaavn has made it sure to make everything handy and accessible quickly and easily.

App Features and Capabilities
  1. A music library of over 45 million songs.
  2. Exclusive audio shows like #NoFilterNeha.
  3. Personalised playlists.
  4. Beautiful 320kbps audio.
  5. The JioMusic and Saavn merged to form South Asia’s largest platform for music, media and artists called JioSaavn.
  6. All Jio Music and Saavn subscribers can migrate to the JioSaavn app for free as there are no additional requirements.
  7. Jio subscribers would enjoy seamless access to the integrated app.

Some good things that this app has is a good collection of songs; for that, its better than literally each and every other music streaming apps. There are many regional languages as well, right from Marathi to Telugu. I haven’t yet used the pro version, however, its is even more perfect and good. The quality of the songs is also perfect. Many people use this app because of its simple enough UI and the famed dark mode. The ads are not that irritating, at least as irritating as Spotify’s ads. However, the cons are more than the pros.

The apps have, arguably, the most problems I have ever seen in a music streaming app. There are glitches before every update, but they keep cropping up after fixing too. The layout feels forced and complex, as they have tried to fit many options in just a small interface. There is no way one can change the songs from the notification panel; you will have to open the app and then change the song/pause the song. Speaking of songs, you can’t download these songs until and unless you have this apps paid pro version. The theme also changes on its own, and it's really annoying. These people really need to work on the app; it needs a lot of attention. And the biggest bad point is how not all can afford the pro version. There are other points as well, but these are the biggest issues.

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App Usage:
A good collection of songs.
Many regional languages.
The pro version is even more perfect and good.
Perfect quality of the songs.
Simple enough UI and the famed dark mode.
Not that irritating ads.
Variety of podcasts.
Glitches before and after every update.
The forced and complex layout of the app.
Can't change/pause the songs from the notification panel
Can't download these songs until and unless you have this apps paid pro version.
Really need to work on the app; it needs a lot of attention.
Rated App Version: 6.10.1 Phone Used: Vivo Y95 - reviews Country: India
1 reviews
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