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Licious is one of the best applications to buy high-quality fresh meat online. It’s a one-stop meat shop that provides mutton, seafood, fresh meat, chicken, fish, and eggs. The main motto of this application is to ensure that the customer eats safe and healthy while staying at home, the delivery boys of Licious follows all the WHO guidelines, which assures safety. After online payment, the parcel will reach the doorstep of the customer within 2 hours. due to this pandemic, Licious provides contactless delivery, to keep their customer healthy and safe. Licious also provides uncooked exquisite dishes, like all-time Classic Butter Chicken or a Goan Grilled Fish.

App Features and Capabilities
Categorized – Licious have an extremely vast range of food category, but they have very beautifully categorized everything in an easy to understand manner.  Following are the categories:
  • Today’s deal – in this option, customers will get all the deals of the day, in one place. Licious provides up to 15% OFF on some of their dishes, which is absolutely awesome. Licious has done a great job by putting all the deals in one place so that users will not have to find deals in this vast application.
  • Chicken - Buy fresh, chicken lollipops, chicken drumstick, tender chicken, chicken breast, and a lot more. Get chicken contactless through Licious, your one-stop shop for meat.
  • Mutton - Within 2 hours get fast and fresh mutton delivered to your doorstep. Mouth-watering lamb shanks, boneless mutton, minced mutton, lamb chops, and a lot more to satisfy your hunger.
  • Seafood – close your eyes and buy fish from Licious, they will provide fresh and high-quality seafood online. This application has a vast range of fishes like pomfret, prawns, salmon, catla, crab, etc. Licious specially cut crabs at your preference. 
  •  Eggs – Licious provides classic and brown eggs at your doorstep.
  • Meat Spread – if you downloaded this application, then you must once taste its Meat Spread it's unbelievably tasty. Its chunky herby Tomato chicken spread is a must-try. Besides the mentioned categories, this application has a lot more other categories as well, for detail check this application.
Search bar – through its search bar you can instantly search for your favorite dish and order it. Search bar saves a lot of time, you don’t have to wander every time to find dishes. Overall, this feature is one of the best features.

Menu – menu feature is more like a profile, there are all the details about your reward, orders, addresses, wallet, notification, etc.

  • Whether it's a play store or an apple store, this application has gotten a remarkable review.
  • The interface of this application is great, it is not complicated like other applications.
  • Delivery boys follow the WHO guidelines, this shows Licious really cares about their customers.

  • Licious only provides meat, they should also provide vegetarian fresh food.

Other Information to Know
Licious was founded in 2015 by Abhay Hanjura Vivek Gupta from Bengaluru, India. It’s a successful Privately held company. Licious is available on both the platforms Android and iPhone. You can even order food from the web as well.

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