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Paid Options
The app is available as free on App store. The app has three plans. Free version offers free music and videos with lots of advertisements and ads. There are two paid subscription plans. LiveXlive plus charges $3.99 monthly at gives Ad free listening, unlimited skips and maximum audio quality. 

LiveXlive premium charges $9.99 monthly that gives its user’s offline listening option. In this subscription you can create your own stations and playlist while listening millions of songs and albums on demand. Both the subscriptions gets auto renew at the end of the month.       

Supported Languages: English

LiveXlive is a specially designed app for music lovers. The app lets you listen to your favorite music and watch live streaming performances for free. The app covers global and massive collection of music for its users. The app is powered by Slacker formerly slacker radio. 

The app is specially personalized for you where you can enjoy your favorite music and can watch famous festivals and concerts happening around the globe. If you want to enjoy more services, the app offers LiveXlive Plus and LiveXlive premium subscriptions in which you will get Ad free and maximum audio quality music.      

App Features and Capabilities

  • The Best music and videos: Music lovers will find their favorite songs on this app. Its library covers almost every singer and artist. You will get high quality of audio and videos songs in this app specially designed for you. 

  • Collect and download: This feature helps you to easily collect your favorite music and videos. Just find your favorite singer, music to listen and download. Afterwards, you can listen that music in data free in offline mode.    

  • Original content: You just name a music show and you will find it on LiveXlive app. The app has hundreds of episodes of original, exclusive and hosted shows. You can easily find your favorite show just with a simple search away.  

  •  Personalized content: The app brings you music, videos and artists personalized just for you. You can mark your favorite singers and music type and you will get updates regarding them. Music recommendation will be given according to your choice. 

  • A Hundred stations: This app offers you live streams performances and interviews from the world greatest festivals. It provides you a list of handcrafted stations including original shows, podcasts, videos and more.   

  • Look and Feel: The app has a panel driven interface that’s very easy to use. It offers you daily top music and videos to watch.   


  • The users get excellent curated stations of their choice. Music and videos playlists are fun to watch.
  • The app offers free access to the music and events that you love the most. 
  • Users get to watch live video streams of festivals and concerts around the world. 
  • The app offers a very easy way to collect and share your favorite songs with your friends and family. 
  • You can easily create your own stations and playlist in the app. 
  • App offers its subscribers the ability to download songs and enjoy offline data free listening of songs. 
  • It offers informative DJ’s who will keep you entertained as per your music taste


  • The major problem with this app is it’s hard to navigate while previous version was much easier. 
  • The app lacks lyrics of the songs. You won’t find lyrics of your favorite songs while listening on this app.  
  • Offline data free listening doesn’t work much. Even after paying for this service you don’t get this feature. 
  • The app gets hanged while live streaming of videos and shows which is quite frustrating for the users. 
  •  The app doesn’t offer any family subscription plan.
  • The hands free link support is confusing and dodgy.  

Other Information to Know
LiveXlive is a music streaming app which combines audio and video for its users. The app allows users to create and share customized music stations. The Seller of this app is Slacker, Inc. This app is available on apple store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. It has 4.7 star rating on apple store. It has 4.3 star rating based on google store. The app compatibility requirements are iOS 11.0 or later. The size of app is 110.2 MB. This app can be downloaded for free and is available in English language only.  

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App Usage:

• Users enjoy hundreds of free songs and music videos
• The app covers all the global stations and music albums.
• Subscription plan is cheap as compared to other apps
• You can create your own station and playlists
• Users get to listen to their favorite DJ’s in interactive programs and podcasts
• No ads and skips while listening music for subscribers


• The app gets hang during live stream videos sometimes.
• Playlists gets mixed up and you hear those songs which are not your favorite
• A lot of ads pop ups in free version making it impossible to listen music smoothly.
• The app freezes in the middle of use and doesn’t refresh skips sometimes
• A very limited number of stations are offered to free users.

Rated App Version: 8.21.0 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United States
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