Loam farming soil

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Loam soil
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The majority of garden plants thrive in loamy soil because it retains a lot of moisture while also draining efficiently and allowing for adequate airflow to the roots.  

The patient gardener may recover heavy, compacted soil. Each year as the soil is cultivated, add a significant amount of organic matter, such as compost, animal manure, cover crops, or organic mulch materials.  

The soil compaction will ultimately improve but it can take a while. Sand alone should not be added, while some sand mixed with organic materials is allowed. In comparison to sand, organic matter has a number of advantages, including better aeration and increased capacity to hold water and nutrients.
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Farm 81, Kebirigo Nyamira County, Kenya    What3words Address: ///immaculate.unnumbered.statehouse

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Loam soil
Loam soil
Loam soil
Loam soil
Loam soil

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