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Netflix 1 Screen - Unlimited Streaming$8.99
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Netflix 4 Screens - Unlimited Streaming$15.99
Netflix 2 Screens - $12.99
Netflix 1 Screen - Unlimited Streaming$8.99
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Netflix is a subscription based app for watching TV series and Movies shows. Overall, Netflix has 167 million subscribers worldwide till last update January 24, 2020. It was founded in 1997 by Reed Hasting’s and Marc Randolph in Scott’s Valley, California. 

This company also has their offices in India, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, and South Korea and many more country worldwide. It has also earned prime time Emmy award for original online only web television programs at the 65th prime time Emmy awards and many more awards like Golden Globe multiple times. Netflix has successfully built features which drew millions of people every day to its mobile application and website.

App Features and Capabilities
Use Netflix For Watching many popular TV Shows and Movies from Hollywood. You can also watch Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi movies on this app.

Categorized Movies: Netflix has categorised all their movies very beautifully and easy to assess any category by individuals in their own choice and preferences.

My List: Netflix has given their users a very useful option my list in which users can save all their favourite movies and series like their own personal library.

Popular Searches: Netflix has maintained a list named popular searches it's a list of movies which are popular among Netflix community.

Parent’s Control: Netflix has provided parents control to users to make it children friendly.

Netflix Original: Any episode or film which is produced or commissioned by Netflix is known as Netflix original. And this movies are restricted to be published on any other network other than Netflix.

Coming Soon: Netflix has given a separate feature named coming soon in this option they publish all their upcoming movies and episodes trailer with their releasing date.

Downloads: The user can download whole movie or episode in advance. To watch it later while travelling or without internet access.

  1. The app is very user-friendly and is very easy to understand and use. 
  2. Netflix has upgraded film and television industries. Now people don't have to wait to go their home and watch their favourite television episode or movie, now they can have fun anywhere and anytime.
  3. It also have interesting, addictive, informative and also seductive content which is not available anywhere except Netflix. They keep on filling their library with best content for their subscribers.

  1. There is no Student plan on the app.
  2. There are different rates for different devices.
  3. You cannot find many popular movies like Harry Potter series, John Wick 2 and many more which again makes the subscriber think before buying the membership.

Other Information to Know
Netflix is available worldwide except in mainland China, Syria, North Korea and Crimes due to local restriction. There are many competitor of Netflix like blockbuster video, red box, curiosity system, Hulu plus and more. NETFLIX has affected many industries, but the greatest impact is felt in films and TV economically.

This app is available for both android and IOS devices. App is totally controlled over Internet. You can control brightness and video languages from the video player while watching the videos.

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