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Paid Options
The application has two plans both for buyers and sellers: 
1) Buyer: It is free for buyer. 
2) Seller: Fee for seller starts from $1.9 per sale or 12.9% of the whole sale. It also charges a small service fee of shipment that varies from State to State in US. 

Supported Languages: English

The idea of purchasing and selling on the web is evolving. Because of web purchasing and selling has never been so natural. People prefer online shopping. With these online apps, users have better choices to buy or sell products. 

The list of online shopping applications is long enough. Among them OfferUp-Buy.Sell. Letgo is one of the best online market places. 

Due to easy navigation, in-app messaging, and free registration, it has millions of users to shop online. Great deals are available for a mildly used stuff at OfferUp easily. 

App Features and Capabilities
The application has two plans both for buyers and sellers: 
1) Buyer: It is free for buyer. 
2) Seller: Fee for seller starts from $1.9 per sale or 12.9% of the whole sale. It also charges a small service fee of shipment that varies from State to State in US. 

OfferUp app has made it easier for users to sell extra things and get cash. The OfferUp signup process is very simple 
It helps Sellers to ship their items to almost 48 States in US supported by US Postal Services. 

The truYou has introduced extra security layer to avoid any scam unlike Craigslist or others online shopping applications. With additional security at OfferUp, people feel more secure to buy or sell on this application. 

The truYou feature member program displays a badge for the user’s profile, who confirms their phone number. 
In 2020 OfferUp merged with Lego. After the merger with Letgo, OfferUp-Buy.Sell. Letgo has twenty million plus active users in the United States. 

OfferUp added additional features like personalized user’s background image on account, trusted connection through Facebook account and display of average response time. 

• Started in 2011, OfferUp attracts millions of buyers and sellers as compared to Craigslist, eBay or Facebook. 
• OfferUp allows direct contact between buyer and seller, relieving both the parties. This helps you to find your couch or other item of your choice from your comfort zone. 
• With beautiful outlooks of its layout, appropriate font size, and simplest design, OfferUp is ranked higher than its competitors across US. 
• This mobile market place is unique in its ability to upgrade its features frequently. 
• Constant innovation, user friendly nature, ease of business and fair prices makes OfferUp one of the best. 

• OfferUp presence in rural part of America is not like its competitors. 
• The app deactivates your account without prior warning. 
• Sometimes sold items are displayed. 
• Its reach to less urbanized zones in the US is lacking as compared to its competitors. 
• OfferUp FAQ is not effective. 
• It does not have good optimization the way other search engines like google has. 
• Though it supports twitter, but submission of online form becomes annoying while using it through twitter. 
• The web-based application of OfferUp is not well functioning like mobile app. 
• Customer services is not like its competitors. 

Other Information to Know
Other information to know: 
As one of the largest mobile market places in the United States, OfferUp has more than 20 million active users in 2020. 
Serious buyers and seller find each other. 

Closest geo location feature of this online app lets the buyer and seller meet in person and hence, encouraging community oriented associations in online business. 

Unlike other online shopping platforms, OfferUp realizes the privacy concerns faced by women. This app has a messaging feature that does not require to mention personal mobile number or email. 
This application is more frequently downloaded on google play or iTunes than another like eBay, Lyft. 

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Overall rating
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App Usage:
1) Uploading ads works really fast on OfferUp taking hardly a minute.
2) Smart phones screen compatibility is awesome. You can see the item magnified on mobile displaying minute detail.
3) People like OfferUp for its fastest customer support services.
4) There is no listing fee in OfferUp. Local shipping offer is amazing.

• Website is not well functioning on pc or laptop
• Only buyer is rated at While using, app requires re-loading frequently.
• Lack of message delete option is annoying.

Rated App Version: 3.81.4 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United States
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