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OkCupid is one of the best Dating applications, that help people to find a match based on what they love and who they are. This application goes beyond photos, when it comes to finding a match, it does not randomly make people meet each other without knowing each other’s background, this application pays emphasis more on the background. This application allows Matching or having a deep conversation with people by love chat messaging system. This application does not discriminate whether the person is nonbinary, gay, lesbian, or doesn't fit into anyone's label, OkCupid application can help you find love. Overall, this OkCupid dating application is one of the best applications to Find love, build relations and go on alluring dates.

App Features and Capabilities
Discover – this is the limelight feature of this application, before coming to this page, first, the users have to fill in all their preferences, which is extremely lengthy. And then they can open this home page named “discover”, this page displays people who are matching the preference of the user, and the list of people in this application is almost limitless, you can either like the people’s profile or dislike them, after linking the personal profile you can send them a direct text. On this page there are more three options to discover people, they are recommendations, choosing by %, new people and people from a different country.

Likes – in this page of this application, users will get to see who liked their profile and who they have liked. This feature maintains clarity in the mind of the users. On this page, there’s also an option named “intro” which provides tips to the users, on how to maximize attention in this application by making a glittering intro.

Messages – this feature is categorized and maintained in a very alluring way. On this page, there are three options and they are ‘’All, Your turn and New messages’’. In the “All” option users can see all the profiles with whom they chat often. In the “Your turn” option users can see all the pending messages. And in the “New messages” option users can see all the pending text from unknown people. Overall, everything in this application is categorized in an alluring way.

Preferences – after filling all the preferences in this application, users’ profiles will automatically spike up and a lot of people will notice them instantly. in preferences there’s a lot of traits to choose from, some of them are gender, age, distance, height, etc.

  • The best part about this application is that it doesn’t make people meet randomly, it makes them meet on preferences, which means people will meet people that share the same taste.
  • There’s a vast list of preferences to fill, it is not limited to few preferences like other applications.

  • In this application there are possibilities of meeting people that have wrong intentions or deceptive intentions, it’s better to make friends outside this application, mutual friends are better as compared to unknown people.

Other Information to Know
OkCupid was launched on 19 January 2004 by Match Group, in this group, there are four founders: Sam Yagan, Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder, and Max Krohn. The best part is that it’s on both platforms iOS and play store.

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