Oriental turtle dove egg

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Dove's egg
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The Oriental Turtle-Dove primarily eats on the ground, eating grains, pine nuts, bamboo shoots, and berries. The breeding season may last from May to August. The nest is a frail platform made of twigs set at a reasonable height in a tree or bush, and the female typically lays two white eggs. The Oriental Turtle-Dove's call is a melodic "goo, goo-goo, goo, goo". 

The Taiwan subspecies orii is duller and smaller than the continental subspecies, however these variations are unlikely to be discernible in the wild. In Taiwan, the Oriental Turtle-Dove is a year-round resident and a frequent bird of field edges, sparsely forested areas, marshes, mangroves, and farms, from low to medium elevations.
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Egg Kisumu County

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Dove's egg
Dove's egg
Dove's egg
Dove's egg

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