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PagarBook is India’s best application for Work Management, Staff Attendance, and Salary management. Now because of this application, you won’t have to worry about maintaining several books or waste time by learning complicated management software, to manage your office staff. Besides, the above-mentioned features, this application has a lot of other useful features in it as well. some of them are the calculation of daily work by staff, calculation of wages, payroll management, billings, and invoices. Therefore, PagarBook is India’s best application for Work Management, Staff Attendance, and Salary management.

App Features and Capabilities
Manage Everything – with this application you can record every piece of work done by your staff. be it monthly wage, daily wage, payroll management, billings, or invoices. It's not limited to one or two activities.

Notify your employers – through this application you can notify your employers about bonuses, payments, daily work, leaves, or attendance. Long ago, when this application was not available, it was so hard to notify employers about anything, but now through this application, it has become extremely simple.

Multiple languages – this application can be used in different languages. In this application, there are more than ten languages available. Some of them are Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujrat, Bengali, Punjabi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and odia.

Safe and Secure – this application is ultra-safe and secure. It has a pin and password feature in it, to protect your record from hackers. Password and pin are ultra-important when it comes to security concerning your records, a few interferences in the record can bring huge loss to the company, that’s why it's important to maintain security.

Auto backup – this application automatically backup data, if any kind of uncertainty occurs. You just have to download this application on any device and use the same phone number, and then press the backup button, it's that simple. This feature is extremely useful for any business. Suppose say if any company somehow lost their data, and they could not recover it back, so it will bring a massive amount of loss and in some case beyond that.

Hire employers – through this application you can hire employers as well. you just have to prepare a job description poster and share it in your circle. Hiring has never been so simple and fast but through PagarBook it's now possible.

Record detailed Attendance – this application enables you to record attendance with crystal clarity. It’s not limited to present or absent. It has a vast range of options to record like monthly, weekly, yearly attendance. In this application, you can record half-day or partial days as well. overall, one of the best features.

  • Pin and Password feature will prevent your data from getting hacked or interfered with.  
  • No other feature in this application is important as compared to auto backup. PagarBook will keep all the copies of your data safe and secure for bad times.

  • This application is limited to just 12 languages. There should have been other languages as well.

Other Information to Know
This application was founded on 29 November 2019 (1 year ago), by Rupesh Kumar Mishra. And more than 5 million businessmen use this application on daily basis.

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