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PUMATRAC makes workouts fun. This app introduces users to many different types of activities to get fit. Activities like Yoga, Fitness, HIIT, Home Workouts, Boxing, Pilates, and LIIT. And all these activities are taught under the guidance of professionals.

App Features and Capabilities
  1. Short workout – this section is for the people who have no time to work out, because of their every day busy schedule. This section is filled with many workout videos that are personally made for busy people. All these workouts are short and very effective. And all these short videos are categorized in a playlist format users just have to choose any one playlist and start working out.
  2. Trainer – PUMATRAC has given this separate space for all the professional trainers. Users will find all the official trainers in this section. The main purpose of this section is to follow your favorite trainer to get inspiration and to watch their workout videos. Trainers in this section are Adil Ayvaz, Alica Schmidt, Alina Zagitova, Alvin Davie, Amanda, Anthony, Ashely Lee, Ben Cristovao, Daniel Fox, and Emily.
  3. Running – PUMATRAC has made running fun. Now you don’t have to do the traditional type of boring running every day, in this section there are many types of different variation concerning running, Like the extra mile running, high tempo running, strong running, run the show, running it, dance and run, the core running, leg pump, toning up, run warmup and more.
  4. Strength training – in this section there are many strength training workouts for users. And all these workouts are uniquely designed to strengthen the muscles. And there are many different variations to strengthen the muscles like Fit Core Extreme Strength Traning, Go All In, Core for Boxers, Strong Running, Boxers Strength Session, Upper Body Focus, Rock Solid, Core Workout, Perseverance, Fit Core Fanatic and a lot more. because of so many options, users won't get bored they will get new variation every other day.
  5. High-intensity intervals (HIIT) – this section is for high performing athletes. There are lots of high-intensity workout videos in this section. High-intensity workouts help to strengthen the mind and builds confidence.
  6. Boxing – in this section many professional trainers teach boxing. Boxing helps to build stamina, improves reflexes, trains the mind to think fast, teaches how to defend and how to offend, and it also helps to maintain blood pressure.
  7. Flexibility and mobility – flexibility is very important for anybody, a flexible body is a healthy body. It requires a lot of training and patient to become flexible. And in this section, many experts teach how to become flexible.

  1. This app makes workout fun. There are many different activities in this app to get fit without getting bored.
  2. Short workout videos are very useful for busy people.
  3. All the activities in this app are taught by professionals.

  1. This app doesn’t provide in-depth knowledge about some workouts.
  2. This app doesn’t allow users to communicate with trainers which is very important.
  3. This app does not provide personal training.

Other Information to Know
PUMATRAC is available for both Android and IOS devices. The app is easy to use and understand.

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