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I'm interested to know what is the most expensive satellite TV plan in the Philippines? I'm considering the most number of HD (1080p) channels, and DVR compatibility. Thanks.
in Philippines by stellarboy

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It depends on the package you choose. Each TV channel has Premium, Base and other packages for you to choose from. And because of competition, the package prices of each TV channel are almost the same. Therefore, if you need the most expensive, just choose the Premium plan of any channel.

Plus, these platforms are only for you to watch online. If you want to download the movie, here is an article for your reference: 7 Best Websites for Pinoy Movies Download

by augusthong
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Well, it really depends on the channel packages that you want to avail. Also, it will depend which service you will prioritise, i.e. clearer picture or better signal strength. There are currently 3 companies who offer satellite TV, Dream, Cignal TV and GSAT.

Here's a link where you can read more about it.
by rgd2014

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