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Is there any app which can remaind me my daily tasks ??
asked in Smartphone Apps & Music by fahmeed

7 Answers

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I usually note everything I have to do on Google Calendar, it`s simple and reliable: a reminder of my task with or without a ringtone

You can also try aCalendar, Business Calendar, DIgical or Touch Calendar, they perform the same tasks, only the interface is different
answered by costin
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I personally use UpWord. I love the simplicity and interface.
answered by jcjauregui92
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There are lot of apps regarding this.You can use "Life Reminders", "To Do Reminder" apps with a android phone.
answered by losakaniroshan
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Google calender is the best for reminding your daily task
answered by mousumi101
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There’s so many apps that help you remember  you daily tasks like: 

you can downloadit for free here:

answered by talla
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There have been many apps regarding that!

But the simplest and most effective one has been to be well acquianted with the google calender, or whichever calender has been used by you!

If still some app would be needed by you then you must consult the google play store!
answered by karan-gupta
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I like google calender. I had installed this when i bought my phone. Its really awesome, reminds me for every thing. I suggest everyone should try.
answered by kapil_roxx

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