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Hellow Can you help to unlock the country code of My Samsung S4 New. I bought new Samsung S4 from Saudi Arabia. When try to open the mobile in india it asking for to un lock country code.

in Calling Cards by usmuusman

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Hi! Try these steps on how to unlock your country code of you Samsung S4. I hope this will help.

1.       Remove the SIM card and replace it with preferred carrier or SIM.

2.       Turn off the device then turn it on again.

3.       Go to the phone's dial pad and type the following: *#197328640#.

4.        Go back to the menu and access UMTS.

5.       Click on Debug Screen > Phone Control and Network Lock.

6.       Proceed with Options > Perso SHA256 OFF.

7.       Wait for a couple of minutes before going back to the main menu.

8.       Wait for the message 'Network Lock' then choose NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ. 

Given the user provided the right sequence, it should read: Asterisk Pound One Nine Seven Three Two Eight Six Four Zero Pound. It is important for users to understand that some refer to the asterisk as the "star" while others refer to the pound as the "hash." 

This should unlock the phone and give the user freedom to use it. The code has been available for quite some time now. Other Samsung users may find it useful. 


by lorjae2014
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Hello. To which network has your Samsung phone been locked to? You can unlock a network locked Samsung phone safer and easier using unlock code. You can get the accurate unlock code for a Samsung phone from at affordable cost with an easy unlocking guide. Good luck.

by cskda

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