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asked in Phone equipments by aman2626

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I bought a total wireless plan to try out the service.I bought the SIM card to use in my iPhone se.I was talking to CS while activating online.I got to the part where it asks if your phone is activated on another carrier or not.I didn’t want to port out my Verizon number.When I clicked activated on another carrier, it went to a page that stated I had to port my number.If I didn’t want to port,I had to contact my carrier to deactivate the phone.The CS stated the same thing.I backed up, clicked not activated on another carrier and activated the sim.I really wanted to use the sim in a hotspot.The total wireless hotspot is 3g only.I bought a Verizon MIFI 7730L.I changed the apn in router settings and inserted the sim.Everything is good to go.I have not had any unexplained data usage.4G is throttled at about 5MBPS.I have no buffering when watching videos.Facetime works great.When I was verifying if my iPhone was compatible,the MEID did not work as being compatible.The IMEI worked.So far,I am satisfied with the service.I will only be using the jetpack when traveling for work, to supplement my Verizon prepaid phone plan data.Price wise,it works out being cheaper using total wireless for data,instead of just using more Verizon add on data.It’s the best priced plan out at the moment..

answered by manohar-lal
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First of all your smart phone should connected with a Wifi network and then you have to go to setting via menu in your smart phone after that click on connection and then after click on Mobile hotspot and tethering then click on bluetooth tethering. After that your connected Wifi is shared.
answered by jhnjoshi

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