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asked in Satellite Telecom (TV & Internet) by rebecca499

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First of all you have to open menu of your PEO TV and use Navigation Keys to access “Parental Control” page. Then enter Parental PIN and press “OK”

Hint: If you haven’t changed Parental Pin before then you can use default Pin as (1111)

When “Parental Control” page will open up then you have following options

1: Change Parental Control Password (PIN)

2: Change your Purchase PIN

3: Channel Blocking

4: Viewing Restrictions

Now you want to change Parental Control Password (PIN) then select 1st option.

It will again ask you for Parental PIN, Re-Enter the same PIN and Press “OK”

Now select “Change Purchase PIN” option and press “OK”

Now enter your Old PIN (current PIN or Purchase PIN), now enter New PIN twice and press “OK” to confirm the change.

Your Parental Control Password (PIN) have been changed.

Thank You. 

answered by rebecca499

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