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asked in iOS Devices by rebecca499

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Its an easy task. Everyone who has a new Blackberry mobile can use this trick to get back its contacts and messages.

If you want to switch to new Blackberry mobile then you can Backup your contacts by 2 ways. Either via login account or email OR you can also backup all data via memory card.

Lets learn how to backup your data.

Open BBM then select option "Menu" then click on "options".

Scroll down until you find option "Backup Management"

Once you find "Backup Management" option then click on it and backup your data according to your choice.

Now you bought a new Blackberry and you want to backup your old data.

Again click on "Menu" and click on "Options"

Scroll down and find "Backup Management" option. Now click on option "Restore"

Now you can restore your data via email or mobile card.
answered by rebecca499

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