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Several performers in the music industry are jumping onto the streaming service movement because music streaming is one of the many means artists can make royalties. When a user on any of the streaming platforms like Spotify listens to your music and this money owned by an artist. This way artists earn money. Simple.

How many times a song has been downloaded if you pay close attention to this, you’ll be surprised by the number of streams your favorite artist has.

Spotify pays out its royalties on a pro-rata basis. It means that at the finale of each bookkeeping period all artists on Spotify royalty money gets practically dumped into one account.  

From where artists are paid according to their share of all streams on the platform they have done. Then artists are paid. Yes, as I covered previously as long as the song is played for thirty seconds, Spotify counts it as a stream and a per stream royalty is added to artists grand total and they paid out later.

In recent times, Spotify has increased its payout per stream, but not that much. Though, for signed artists this increase still needs to be split up between two different parties with a financial interest in the work (publishers, writers, etc.).
by emmagreen

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