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It is dream of every artist to gaining promotion of their music get notified as early as possible. But somehow, this is the point where you actually need to calm your nerves and plan things which becomes workable and success in the end.

CD Baby and other websites are the few options available for your music delivery to reach audience in no time but following are some steps that will lead to greater long lasting success in Spotify.

Getting yourself verified as artist on Spotify instantly when your music is distributed through CB Baby.

Add all necessary as well as minor details in your Spotify profile including your header image, your biography, feature playlist, integrating your concert calendar, pinning your artist’s pick on your profile and much more.   

You better distribute your music to Spotify 3 to 4 weeks before the release in order to ensure effective and timely promotion. It also gives ample time for you to do campaigning efficiently then.

Submit your song to Spotify’s editorial team a week prior to the release by logging in for artists and by using the playlist submission tool. It will reach all the followers in the release radar playlist on Spotify.    

By running ads to drive streams, song saves and Spotify follows and boost your music campaign.
by rebecca499
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1. Get your Artist Profile verified

2. Get your fans to follow you on Spotify

3. Promote your music with Social Media

3. Be active on Spotify by uploading music consistently

4. Collaborate with others musicians

5. Promote your music with Spotify playlists

7. Promote your music with Spotify Ads

8. Promote your music with Facebook ads

BTW, Spotiy is built based on the cloud. Downloading music/offline music is just a supplement, an advanced feature, so it's paid. Remember that even if you download music to your device, you don't own it the same way you would if you bought it from iTunes. You just have the right to use it offline (and for a limited time). If you want to own the music, you may need Spotify music converter or paid for a Spotify Premium.

by vinhoisstrong

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