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The Spotify team uses the loudness normalization to balance the loud and soft songs to provide a balanced listening experience. Few reasons due to which the tracks are not as loud as of other Spotify members are

A dynamic track with -14dB masters has preserved peak level. If the user compares -6dB with the -8dBLUFS then its peak gets lowered. The track play at the same loudness level but the dynamic track will be much louder.

Shuffling of an album or switching between a track from different albums then fr this track normalization is used.

The presence of the audible high frequency in the mix also cause changes in the loudness algorithms

The distortion also occurs if the master is loud with true peaks above -2 dB.
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Spotify uses loudness normalization to create a consistent listening experience for all users. This means that all songs are played back at a similar perceived loudness.

Here are some factors that might affect the loudness of your tracks on Spotify:

  1. Mastering: The way a track is mastered can have a significant impact on its loudness. If your music was not mastered professionally, it might not achieve the same loudness as commercially released tracks.

  2. Dynamic Range: Highly compressed or limited tracks tend to sound louder, but they might lose some dynamic range and sound quality. Spotify uses loudness normalization to ensure that dynamic tracks are not at a disadvantage.

  3. Volume Levels: If you've uploaded your music at a lower volume level compared to commercial tracks, it might sound quieter. Proper gain staging during production and mixing can help.

  4. Quality of Master: Ensure that your tracks are exported at a high-quality bitrate and don't contain artifacts that could affect the loudness.

  5. Streaming Quality: Spotify offers different streaming qualities, and some users might opt for lower-quality streams, which could affect loudness perception.

  6. Competitive Loudness: Loudness wars in the music industry have led to a trend of increasing loudness to compete with other tracks. However, excessive loudness can lead to distortion and affect audio quality.

To make your music sound as good as possible on Spotify, it's important to focus on the quality of the recording and mastering process. Spotify will normalize the tracks to provide a consistent listening experience for all users, so don't solely aim for extreme loudness at the expense of sound quality.

BTW, if Spotify music pause itself, you can check this post for help.

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