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Are there digital cameras that will readily work with Android phones and devices? I noticed that a lot of consumer grade digital cameras don't have the ability to articulate their LCD display and then I thought, what if I could hook it up either via an HDMI cable, USB or WIFI and use the Smartphone or tablet as a display. Is this possible? Do you have any recommendations on how to go about this, and possible camera / phone pairings?
asked in Smartphones by cellnut

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It's all thanks to the ever-useful USB On-the-Go adapter and an Android app. Once you're connected, every function available on your camera shows up on your Android device's screen and a large live view displays your shot. But there's more than meets the eye.

For the photography enthusiast, DSLR Controller includes tools that make shooting tasks like time-lapse photography, HDR, and focus bracketing otherwise complicated. For the social-media addicts, the app also makes it possible to store, view, and share your shots the moment you capture them.

For detailed steps on how to set this up, see
answered by onyiuzo

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