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asked in Other Telecom Products by goldy-kakkar-5

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Is it possible? Probably, but more than likely you, yourself in someway did it. The vast majority of spywhere is transmitted via users going to websites that are questionable in nature or have been in some way explited by a malicious user. Another common way is downloading apps which may not be safe or come from a legit source.

Your best bet would be to keep your phone updated, and clean it out as best as possible. The likelyhood of you actually tracking down the spywhere owner is small. Now, if it was someone that physically installed the spyware on your phone and you believe someone is trying to track your movements online and such, then you can install software on your phone that will snap pictures of the user periodicly. That way you can find out who is doing it.
answered by cellnut
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Yes is it but I would be better to use these tips to avoid being put of spyware.

Do not let someone that you don't entirely know use your phone.
answered by 23and14and20

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