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asked in Internet Equipments by tuktuk

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First  make sure that you have the proper kind of modem to connect your landline telephone to. In the modem there is a MTA which should have two telephone jacks side by side on the back of the modem seperated from where the much larger four"Ethernet" ports are for internet connection use. You also need to have your telephone and a telephone line to be successful in this process.  Once you have confirmed you have the correct equiptment, you can now begin connecting the telephone to the modem. 

Take your telephone line and place one end in the phone jack provided on the bottom or back of your telephone base. You should hear a "click" noise confirming it is secure in place. Next take the other end of the telephone line that is still free and place this into the phone jack labeled as "Line 1" or "Tel 1" on the back of the MTA modem.  You should also hear that same "click" noise confirming the line is secure in place. Now make sure your telephone base has power as well as your MTA modem. Pick up the handset and confirm you have a dial tone available. If you have a dial tone, try making a test call to confirm you can make and receive calls. If you do not have a dial tone recheck that you have done each step correctly. If you are positive you have done each step correctly, contact your telephone provider for assistance with troubleshooting. 

answered by pdmanohari

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