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Quora is a question and answer website which is based in Mountain View, California USA. The app was founded by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2010. This app is available for both android and IOS users. Quora has introduced stats where users can see there stats report of their post. User who has some amount of activity get an option to post anonymously. while searching on search engine you get to see many user name exposed by the app you can disable this into the settings of the app. Service of this app is available in 30+ countries.

App Features and Capabilities
This app is a question and answer app where you can post your questions to different community on the app. You can register your profile using your Gmail and Facebook account. The app interface is a little complex but you can ridge of it if you spend some time on it.

Home: In this section you get to see a search box which is highlighted by a text “What is your question or link“, when you click it you get to see two tabs Add Question and Share Link, in add question you have to enter a question that is not entered in quora so it makes a chance that your question may be answered quickly. In share link you can share a link and write something about it.

Now what if your question is already asked on Quora, so in this scenario you can click on the search icon on the top right corner of the app. Next thing you see on the home page is Your Daily Digest in which you can see the day’s top stories on Quora.

Below this you can see Recommended Answers on the app, which is rendered for you according to your recent searches.

Answer: In this section you can see three tabs “For You, Requests and Answer Later”.

  1. For You: In this section you get question according to your Interest. You can write your answer and help others in their query.
  2. Request: In this section you get to see all the question that Quora thinks you are eligible to answer.
  3. Answer Later: In this section you can see question that you have requested to answer later.

Spaces: In this section you get all different types of community spaces for example Wealth, Taxes, Debt, Money Business, Learn with Fun, Express your Ideas, etc. You can follow this spaces and connect with people who shares same interest in this section.

Notify: In this section you get all the Notifications of this app, for example if you get a upvote or Down vote, a question request and etc. 

  1. The app is very good to get knowledge about the topic you are interested in.
  2. You also get an opportunity to connect with other people.
  3. Red and white combination of the app looks good.
  4. You get to learn new things in the daily digest section of this app.

  1. The app is little complex to understand in the beginning.
  2. There is no assurance that your questions will be answered on this app.
  3. You get random request to answer somebodies question even if you don’t understand the topic of the question. 

Other Information to Know
The app earns by In-app ads which you can see In the middle of every post or answer in the app. You can change app languages in the settings of the app. You can Delete or Deactivate your account from the settings.

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