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Recently Molted Juvenile Cockroach

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Molted Juvenile Cockroach
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White cockroaches are merely juveniles who have recently undergone molting, as opposed to albinos, which are organisms without the usual skin colour. Before becoming adults, cockroaches go through seven to eight molts. To accommodate their increasing size, the process entails shedding one shell and then growing a new one. Until they reach maturity, they keep growing and shedding.

Species differences affect how many molts a nymph goes through. Nymphs seem to resemble their adult counterparts more and more with each successive molt. The cuticle, which serves as these bugs' outer covering, is shed when they have outgrown it. Their underside, which is delicate, appears white. Their fresh cuticles will thicken and darken within a few hours, looking more like the species-typical coloring.

Homeowners should take action since finding a white cockroach indicates an expanding infestation. Baits and other treatments are readily available, but using chemicals without the proper training can be risky.
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Molted Juvenile Cockroach
Molted Juvenile Cockroach
Molted Juvenile Cockroach
Molted Juvenile Cockroach
Molted Juvenile Cockroach

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