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Paid Options
The subscription of this app costs $8.99 that provides an unlimited access to an easy to use app with millions of eBooks, audiobooks, published documents, magazines and music sheets. The free 30 trail offers an insight to the actual app as the free version (non-trail) is not very giving. The amount is definitely worth paying for the amount of magazines, audiobooks, and articles. If you don’t like that it is worth paying so you can cancel it within 24 hours and get your money back.

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Life is all about trying new things or sometimes the same old things in new refreshed pattern; like listening to the books you like to read or reading a book you like the audiobook of. Do you want to read snapshots or search for music sheets all in one place? 
The Scribd audiobooks and eBooks have a large collection of books that can be heard or read as you please. The app provides you these books to read or hear online or offline. The versatility of options available at Scribd is so vast this could be the answer to all your document problems. Easy to set up and use, this reading app is made for everyone. 

App Features and Capabilities
• Snapshots: In the world filled with endless books on nonfiction, it is a pain to one you would actually like. Sometimes the outer text or the synopsis of story is quite misleading or twist in the tale could be the deal breaker right in the center of the book. To help reader choose better, Scribd provides with snapshots of the book handpicked by the employees. Now you know your book before buy it. 
• Variety: Most eBook apps provide you either with eBooks or audiobooks at times even both, the virtual library app, however, provides not only these two but is home to millions of soft copies of published documents, magazines and music sheets. Yes music sheets. 
• Music Sheets: The most amazing feature on Scribd is probably the access to millions of music sheets for every genre, on every instrument and all difficulty levels. The music makers really have to just download and subscribe to access the Scribd music. 
• Virtual Library: Scribd users don’t have to buy the books or other documents, like a library, they can access any eBook, audiobook, magazine, document, or music sheet by just paying the monthly subscription amount. But that’s not all, unlike libraries, the reading app provides with the option to create your copy. Yes, the users can print the softcopies too. 
• Cliff Notes: The Scribd snapshots are the cliff note equivalent of the newer non classic books. These help in finding new books and saving some important information or a catchy line in your device. 
• Library: Put your selections in the Scribd Library and categorize it as you please. This keeps your books sorted as you like. Just like on an actual book shelf. 
• Notes: Scribd allows readers to mark important lines or note things for future reference. 

• Anyone who wanted to make improvements in any area of life can benefit from this app. This app can be used not only by you, but your whole family. You can also invite your friends to friends to use Scribd. 
• It is an easy way to read or listen to books while in a car, office, or anywhere where you can freely concentrate. 
• Scribd is available worldwide, other than a government blocking it due to some reason, it is useable by all. 
• On every accepted invite, users can get additional free time or discounts. 

• Without paying the cost of subscription you wouldn’t get the full access. The free version is kind of useless. 
• The whole extent of features is a bit difficult to know. Many times the good features are hidden under basic looking buttons. 
• The option to print pdf-s takes control out of the app’s hand. The material can be used for unauthorized purposes. 

Other Information to Know
Scribd audiobooks and eBooks was founded in 2007 by Tikhon Bernstam, Jared Friedman, and Trip Adler, and headquartered in San Francisco, California. Scribd gained success from its eBooks and audiobooks, now its best feature is the music sheet and magazines all available under one app. The cloud storage is helpful too. With subscription, you get full access to millions of reading and listening material. The Scribd app runs smoothly on the android system, Apple IOS, and the Kindle readers, and has a website version for computers. There are more than 20 million downloads all over the world.

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App Usage:
1. You can put an entire library in your pocket with a Scribd subscription
2. Customizable font size, type, background color, and speaking speed.
3. Snapshots are the finest way to find a book you can read.

1. The cancellation of subscription process takes more than 3 confirmations.
2. The free trial demands payment methods and users are at times charged at the 31st day without prior notice.
3. The search results of the app are not very appropriate.

Rated App Version: 10.12 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United States
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