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Slowly is an application that connects people around the world at a slower but a lot better pace, in the world where everything happens so instantly now these days, we have lost the worth of a letter written by our loved ones, interpretations about someone, surprise, and a lot more thing, this application brings all those things back in a fast pace world in a fun way. through this application mailing time will be depended on where your friend resides, the saying goes ‘’more the letter waits the more it carries the worth’’. To use this application, you just need an avatar and a nickname, speak your soul and engage freely with the world. This application will enable you to discover, up to six hundred stamps from around the globe by traveling or talking to new friends.

App Features and Capabilities
Customizing avatar – customizing avatar is fun in this application, you can customize everything, be it hair, skin color, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, nose, beard, caps, t-shirts, etc. some are paid and most of them are free. There’s a dice button as well, whenever you roll the dice, you will see a new modified avatar, if you don’t want to waste time by making your avatar then you can roll the dice and choose a readymade avatar.

Topics – there are tons of topics in this application, you have to choose any of them, after choosing, this application will display you the people with the same interest. Some of the topics are language, movies, pets, nature, adventure, climate, handicraft, writing beauty makeup fitness, and a lot more.

Signing up - Signing up in this application is very easy, it is not complicated like other applications, every step is guided. You just have to add email, gender, date of birth, place you live, language, select an avatar and you’re all done, it’s that simple.   

Add friends – you can make friends in two ways through this application, first: by Auto match button and second: by exploring manually. Firstly, this application will automatically find friends for you that have similar interests. And in a second way, you have to choose a friend of your own choice. 

Your profile – in your profile, you will see everything very systematically. In your profile, you will see the number of stamps, no of achievements, and no of stamps collection, and in-person profile there’s a setting feature as well, which is useful in modifying the personal information.

  • On ordinary social media, it's very hard to make friends, as they see the personality, social status, looks of the people, etc. but in this application, nothing matters.  

  • Possibilities of Meeting and chatting with the wrong people in this application is more, as compared to other applications.

Other Information to Know
This application was selected in 30 countries worlds wide as an application of the day. this application was released on 9th May 2018 by Kevin Wong Ho-yin. This application got a lot of love from the day it has got released and it is available on both the platform apple store as well as play store.

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