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Paid Options
Some in-app purchases are also available in the app and you can purchase 250 coins just for $0.99, 1000 coins for $2.99, 5000 coins for $9.99 and so on. Different coin purchasing packages are available in the with different price range.

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ASKfm is a trending global social networking app where a number of users can create profiles and send each other questions. The app puts a twist on services like Facebook, Twitter and many others as it focuses sharply on questions and answers that are sent and commented on by its current users. Here you can create a user account by completing askfm sign up process easily and set up a list of friends you can send questions to and after that, they’ll answer those questions and will send questions as well. The app also allows anyone to post anonymous comments and different new questions to a person’s profile.

App Features and Capabilities
° Ask me whatever you want: The basic purpose of the app is to satisfy your curiosity by providing you the opportunity to ask your app friends about anything and they’ll be able to do the same as well. Here you’ll have an option of askfm search for other user’s accounts and view their profiles. The best thing is that this app allows you to import contacts from Facebook and askfm Twitter. 
° Shoutout: The ask fm friends app provides an amazing Shoutout feature which allows you to ask questions to random users. Before asking any question, you just need to choose the Shoutout feature and it next to features to ask a new question or make a photo poll. 
° Discover Feed: A separate new stream has been created in your news for the people posts you don’t know. The stream is Discover and with this option, you’re able to read the most interesting answers and can also find many popular people around you. 
° Coins: Coins are the currency that users get on askfm and spend them there. You can easily get the coins in app just by answering and asking questions to other users. 
° Rewards: The app is further introducing answer rewards with a fire button below an answer. Also if you like other user’s answer, you can reward it with a coin just by doing a single tap. 

• You can easily ask questions that you are afraid to ask that person with hiding your original identity just by completing askfm login. 
• By constantly seeing the random stuff from the different peoples you’ll not get bored at all. 
• The app makes you think about that new stuff that you never thought before and you’ll be able to know someone’s thinking about you. 
• Ask fm friends provides a collaborative environment and you’ll be able to discover new things every second. 
• You can upload photos and videos and have a askfm search option as well. 
• Provides integration with social apps like Facebook and Twitter. 

• The users can’t by filtered by language or country option. 
• As it’s anonymous, so many people can say and ask whatever they want and however hurtful and stressful. 
• A bit of violation on your privacy if a random person stalk you and read about your personal life. 
• The peoples are getting bullied just because of the questions that are asked and the victim doesn’t know that who he/she is being bullied by so the person can’t fight back. 
• The app doesn’t have a reporting system so that no one can be caught and removed from the app for what they said or did. 

Other Information to Know
ASKfm was updated on 12 June 2020 and its current version is 4.60.1. The app requires an Android version of 5.0 and up and is installed by over 50M peoples worldwide. The amazing app has been categorized in the Social Networking category and its actual File Size is 261.7 MB. It is available in almost every language in the world and it is also compatible with the iOS devices a well. The age rating is 17+ and the app is available free of cost in the App Store. You just need to do the Askfm signup process and then can start enjoying its amazing features.

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App Usage:
• If a user is unhappy with the content of some questions of a user, they’ve the option to block that user without any hurdle
• It is possible to report some inappropriate content on ASKfm
• The app is also integrated with Askfm Twitter and Facebook but to a lesser extent

• Due to the app’s anonymous nature, most of the users receives a number of hurtful messages from the unknown users
• Here the anonymity opens the door to sharing of explicit content and a random user can post anything about anyone
• The ASKfm search opens a platform for the kids of every age to vent their anger and hate on anyone they want

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