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Stoa is one of the best Stoic Meditation and Journaling applications. This application is designed by studying all the recent scholars of this subject. Scholars such as Ryan Holiday, Massimo Pigliucci, Tim Ferriss, Donald Robertson, and Nassim Taleb. it’s one of the best applications to strengthen your resilience and focus on what matters. this application is jammed pack with useful features like guided mediation, theory, famous quotes, and journaling. This application teaches very rare kinds of mediations. Basically, Stoics are those people that does not break in terrible dramas of life, they are the one who never loses their stillness in times of chaos, and they live by four virtues: wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation. if an ordinary individual follows these four virtues, he will automatically turn into stoic, it's easy to say and hard to do, but through this application, you can master these virtues.

App Features and Capabilities
Home page – in the home page of this application, you will get to see everything in a small chunk. You will get to see the recent conversation, quotes, morning, afternoon, and evening routines, and a lot more.

Meditation – this application teaches meditation in quite a different way, far away from sitting still in one place. this application has a lot of audios that have knowledge in abundance, you just have to listen to it, to meditate. There’s tropic such as 3 weeks of stoicism, daily meditation, mindfulness, view from above, acceptance, gratitude, morning routine, evening routine, memento mori, stoic principle, timer, and a lot more.

Theory – the theory is one of the best parts about this application, in this feature there’s a detailed study on various topics to make oneself wise, a topic such as Marcus Aurelius’ philosopher king, Epictetus slave turned philosopher, stoic leadership. To view this theory, you have to first log in.

Quotes – quotes are the best way to start a day, in this application, there are almost thousands of quotes from famous stoics such as Marcus Aurelius’, Seneca, Epictetus, and a lot more. by reading it every day and following it wholeheartedly you will Definity turn into a stoic. 

Journal - there’s a journaling feature in this application as well, a lot of people don’t know that journaling is one of the bests forms of meditation, it calms down the mind and immersive oneself totally on the page that he’s/she’s writing. Journaling also maintains mental clarity, which prevents one from confusion.

  • The interface of this application is superb; everything is easy to understand.  
  • Journaling in this application is the safest, if you do journal in the book, there are more possibilities of spy peeping in.

  • There are very few Theories in this application, there should have been more.
  • A theory should have been in written as well, as some people prefer reading.
  • There’s not any guide on how to use this application, there should have been.

Other Information to Know
Stoa was released on 14 January 2019 and it’s offered by ChangeWell Apps. The best part is that this application is available on both the Apple store (IOS) and Google play store (android).

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