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Paid Options
The app is free to download from the app store. The delivery costs differ from restaurant to restaurant between $1.99 and $5.99. The app offers monthly subscription in $9.99. The subscribers will get free delivery when making an order of $12 or more. You can cancel the subscription any time.    

Supported Languages: English

Looking to order food and confused? Swiggy is number one food delivery app which offers the greatest selection of restaurants. This app has made it easy for you to order your favorite food. It covers almost all the local and national restaurants. The app lets you order food, groceries and other essentials online. 

All the restaurants and delivery partners are trained in hygiene protocols. You can top restaurants and stores in your city. The app lets you explore different cuisines options to fulfill your food cravings. Amazing app to order from stores and get your essential items delivered at your doorsteps within 2 hours.   

App Features and Capabilities

  • Popular Restaurants: The app offers largest selection of restaurants in the nation. Whether it’s Chinese, Greek, Italian or any other type of food it covers almost all the restaurants. Local restaurants that you love the most are available on the app. KFC, Dominos and all the famous food chains are available on this app.    
  • Quick ordering: The app offers you to choose from a huge variety of cuisines. You can choose either home delivery or pickup option for your order. It tells you all the details or your order like delivery time and fee. You can get your favorite meals faster with quick and easy ordering.  
  • Safety measures: The safety of everyone involved in food chain is priority of the app. The delivery services takes extra care of hygiene protocols. Restaurants partners are frequently updated on sanitization measurements.    
  • No contact delivery: The app lets you choose whether to get order in hands or have a contactless delivery. If you choose a no-contact delivery, the delivery service will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it’s ready for pickup.      
  • Real time tracking: The app lets its user see the status of their delivery in real time. From the location of your delivery item to the lead time of arrival everything can be seen on the app. Users gets to know the exact time of arrival of their food items and can see exact current location.   
  • No minimums: One of the best thing about the Swiggy app is that you can order as little as or as much as you want. There is no restriction regarding minimum order. 
  • Save big: The app offers amazing discounts, cashbacks and freebies offers. These deals are offered by all the partners in the app to satisfy their customers. 


  • You can easily get your food online from a wide range of restaurants in the most secure way just sitting at your home.
  • No need to hassle over the phone to correctly order your delicious meal from your favorite restaurant.
  • Online tracking of your delivery lets you know exactly when your order will arrive reducing extra wait.  
  • Multiple payment options like prepaid, cash, Credit and more. 
  • Shop on top supermarkets to get fresh meat and vegetables.
  • Exclusive customer support for users 24/7.
  • No issue of minimums order while ordering the food.  
  • Honest Reviews and ratings about restaurants so that you can order the top quality food when throwing a party or treating your guests with lunch or dinners.       


  • Ordering food from the app and then waiting for it is time consuming. Your order gets late due to weather conditions or traffic issues. At the end, you will not receive fresh food as compared to restaurant dine-in option. 
  • The vibe of sitting alone in your house and eating food doesn’t match the joy and freshness of eating food in restaurant around the people. 
  • The app sometimes get hanged making it difficult to order your food.
  • Online food is a bit costly as it includes extra charges as well. 
  • Delivery guy will not be able to track you if his phone GPS is not working well as it requires good internet connectivity to locate destination. 


Other Information to Know
Swiggy app is currently leading food delivery app in the country. The provider of the app is BUNDL Technologies private limited. The app has 4.4 stars rating on Apple store. The app ranks at no.02 in the category of Food and drink. The size of the app is 181.6 MB. The app is compatible on iPhone and iPod touch.  The app requires iOS 10 or later for compatibility. The app is available in English language only. The app is free to download from app store.  

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App Usage:
The app is easy to use by everyone. The pickup options are unique. You can pick up your takeaway orders on the way. Easy to locate your food in real time. Payment method are safe and secure.
The app has some lagging issue. The app shows bad restaurants in your favorite list. While adding your order it gets hanged sometimes. Customer support needs improvement as some orders gets delayed or wrong. The tips are overpriced.
Rated App Version: 3.8.5 Phone Used: HUAWEI - reviews Country: United States
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