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The app’s premium version is available also. You can pay for the Gold or the app's premium version to enjoy the latest, updated and advanced features. 

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Are you fond of dating? Or do you love to make new friends? Are you hunting for a platform to have a chit-chat with new fellows? If yes, then Tagged is the right option for you. It got boom among youngsters in 2017 and helped people in meeting new people like-minded souls, causal encounters and dates. This is the site to chat, meet and for the event date. There are a lot of features that make this app suitable for people who love to date or make new friends. 

App Features and Capabilities
Once you sign in with the Tagged app, you become part of its community and get unique features. Some are about a dating experience, while other features are to entertain you during your free time. No matter if you don't like dating, you can enjoy other features.  

  • Pets: It’s an amazing game in the app. Through this, you can buy or sell to other users. Don't worry, and it’s not original trading; rather, it will be fun for you. You can start with any price with game currency Qd. You can buy pets at a low price, or other users can repurchase them from you. You will have more value when you buy more pets that get you cash bonuses. 
  • LUV: LUV is the feature of gifts that you give and receive from others. Each day you have a chance to get 10 LUV each day. Moreover, when you exchange LUV, you earn points. Also, when you get LUV, you have additional LUV to share. This way, you have a bigger bar below the photo, which plays a part in showing your property to others.
  • Tagged Games: One more exclusive feature of this app is dating. In this tab, you will see the pictures of a person that you think matches your requirement and your location. In the default setting option,  you will find males and females aged 20 to 38. These are available within 100 km of your location. In case if you want specific, you can update the filters. For this, you can click on the star, and for the option for which you are not interested, you can click X to ignore the particular user.
  • Searching Tools: Another exceptional feature of the Tagged app is the presence of the searching tool. These help person in chatting with other members. Whether you are friends with another person or not, you can start a chat. Simply type your message and tap on the " send message" button to communicate. You can select the chat option by age, location, interest and more.
  • Social Network to Find a Friend: Tagged is not an app for dating purpose but also provide a social network for finding the soulmate, friend or any date you want. There is no particular algorithm for matching; you can choose the person based on the criteria like age, location, gender, country and city.
  • Activities In the Tagged App: Through a Tagged app, you can enjoy multiple activities. One is watching a live stream, or you can start your own. Secondly, you can make a quick connection with men or women present nearby you, and the third is matching with people you think have the same interest. Lastly, you can chat with new friends.
  • Complete Security: Most dating sites fail because of security and privacy issues. In the case of Tagged, there is no such issue. The app is secured, and the exact location and personal information never go out without permission. A person decides himself to connect with others and share his personal information. 

  • Easy to use and understandable interface.
  • Multiple activities other than dating.
  • Pets and Luv exclusive features of the app.
  • Navigation is quick.
  • Free version available.

  • Location-based service is not good.
  • Spams and viral content give it a negative point.
  • Profile matching is not suitable.
  • Profiles don’t contain complete information.

Other Information to Know
4.5 plus rated app is one of the favorite platforms for those who love to do dating. The app is available in multiple languages. This app is compatible with android and iOS system. The 222 MB app runs well in iOS 11 or later versions. You can download it for free from app store.


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Overall rating
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App Usage:
• Easy to use and navigate.
• Pets and meet me are wonderful features.
• The free version is also suitable for dating.
• One can customize tags.

• Sometimes app get stuck.
• Users get spam emails from the app.
• Profile information is incomplete.

Rated App Version: 9.50.1 Phone Used: Samsung A31 - reviews
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Country: United States of America
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